Career Criminals

There is a reason why I carry a gun, and also why I see no reason for anything but the most obvious restrictions on firearms ownership and carry. Most people are inherently harmless, if not good, but there is a small handful that is outright dangerous!

A southwest Ohio mother and her two adult sons have pleaded not guilty to charges that they were making a living by breaking into homes and stealing.

What a quaint little family! Obviously they were stealing for food because evil Republicans hate Obama!!!

And then there’s this!

An alleged trio of thieves accused of ransacking homes in central and south Florida while dressed as ninjas have been arrested while caught in the act yet again, authorities announced.

The masked men were taken into custody while attempting to break into a multimillion-dollar mansion that was once owned by ‘N Sync member Joey Fatone and featured on MTV’s Cribs.

…The threesome, dressed in full black ninja attire, was collared while allegedly in the act of entering the property while armed with wire cutters, zip ties and duct tape. Contreras and Bower additionally had guns, according to an arrest report.

The wire cutters might be used for disabling alarms and breaking into stuff, but the duct tape and zip ties are for one thing, restraining occupants, and the guns in this instance are for murder.

Glad they’re behind bars.

As for their hopes of rehabilitation there’s this story:

A New Orleans teen who was shot in the head during an alleged attempted burglary last year was busted in another robbery just blocks away from the near-fatal shooting, authorities said.

… Coulter made national news last July when married dad Merritt Landry blasted him in the head after he said he caught Coulter trying to break into his Mandeville St. pad, blocks away from Friday’s incident.

Landry, 33, told authorities he feared for the safety of his pregnant wife and toddler daughter when he found Coulter, then 14, lurking in his yard at around 2 a.m. on July 26.

Landry fired once and dropped the boy from about 30 feet away, authorities said. Coulter was unarmed.

Oh but he was just a good boy and didn’t need to get shot!

He apparently did not learn his lesson.

Less than a half hour before his bust at a Royal St. home on Friday, the teen was caught by security cameras looking through windows and jiggling the knob of another house on Burgundy St., the Times Picayune reported.

At one point, the footage showed, Coulter sat in rocking chair to wait for a man to pass by.

Later, he absently picked at the leaves of a houseplant before taking off, leaving his cellphone behind.

The boy, who entered using a key he found the mailbox, didn’t put up a fight, and calmly waited for cops to arrive, police said.

He was booked on a charge of simple burglary. Nothing was taken from either house.

Got shot in the head for intruding on an occupied home, and continues to do it! Now I’m willing to bet this guy is just straight up crazy….but does that make him less dangerous??


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  1. Lissa says:

    Ninjas? Really? In the Florida heat?

    But that gives me an excuse to link to one of my favorite articles:

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