DGU Pizza Delivery

Via Hot Air:

Ashley Marie Hurd, 26, a driver for Domino’s Pizza, took the order to a house on the 200 block of Stuart Avenue about 10 p.m., a police report said.

When she arrived, a man was standing outside, and she told him how much the bill was, said Lt. Todd Joyce, Fayetteville police spokesman.

As she was doing so, Joyce said, a second man, wearing a dark-colored jacket, came around from the side of the house.

The man put something to the back of Hurd’s head and demanded money, Joyce said.

…“Unbeknownst to them, she had a weapon,” Joyce said. “She pulled out a gun, and when she did, the suspects fled and they didn’t get anything.”

As I constantly say, Food Delivery drivers and real estate agents have some of the most dangerous jobs in America. For Real Estate agents, sexual deviants can pick out the person they want, and then ask them to take them to a vacant house at any hour of the day. Food Delivery the caller chooses the ambush location, and time, and the driver will brings food, cash, and a working car.

Also if you order from an established chain likely they have corporate lawyers who will advise the company to not let their employees carry weapons.

This woman is alive because she had a gun. She didn’t need to kill anybody to protect herself, and she will likely get fired for it.

Fired from Dominoes is not really a big deal. If I worked for that dump I’d carry against policy every day too, its not like delivering pizzas is that big of a resume booster.

Hopefully SOMEBODY will start a precedence where if your employer DEMANDS you go unarmed while at work, they are 100% responsible for your safety, and these foolish policies will go out the way they came in.

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  1. Geodkyt says:

    When Virginia liberalized their carry permit rules to Shall Issue, I had just started to work as a pizza driver. Being a pizza driver who frequently had deliveries to neighborhoods where the local PD wouldn;t send less than two cars on ANY car and motels where I regularly had to kick aside broken crack pipes and used syringes on teh stairs so I didn’t slip on one, I put in for a permit immediately (although I would have gotten one anyway) and went looking for a gun that would conceal well under my change apron (Pizza Hut having a strict “Please kill our dirvers” policy).

    I agree — if there are two professions that need easy access to lawfully concealed weapons regardless of their employer’s bigoted desires, it is food delivery drivers and real estate agents. Because their job inherently requires them to meet total strangers at locations specified by the strangers, where the stranger is assured of privacy.

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