Disconnect Disconnected!

So I bought a certain S&W M&P9c.

Jay got it as a T&E gun and decided to keep it. Since it was a T&E he didn’t pic the features and one of the “Features” is a magazine disconnect. I’ve made comments about magazine disconnects in the past. I hate them. I’ll keep them in the gun if the piece is a collector’s item, but overall I hate them.

So I went TO THE INTERNET to find out how to remove one. Found some really good videos here:

And I ended up using this video:

Because I accidentally punched the sear pin too, and I wanted to make sure the plunger and sear were back in place. Trimming and inserting the new spring (I used a pen spring from an old click pen…technically two because one went FLYING into the great nowhere) was a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot, but once I had the spring and the sear disconnector back in place and pinned all was well.

Took a little work to get the rear block back in, but now the gun goes “Click” when it used to go “Squish”, also I can now field strip the gun the same as a Glock, by simply locking the side back, turning the takedown lever, then once the side is released pull the trigger and the top comes right off.

Yeah the sear disconnect is a nice little feature for safety, but now it isn’t necessary to break the gun down. I’ll need to take it out to the range now to make sure it works for real!

**UPDATE** Couldn’t resist. Took a quick trip to the range with one loaded 10 round magazine. Fired each shot by cambering a round, dropping the mag, then firing.

10 Booms, no malfs, no magazine! I hate doing fiddly work with the guts of guns, but when I do them right boy does it feel great!

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  1. Archer says:

    “Aaah! Another doohickey … doohickey’d!” — Cap’n Flynn; Skylanders: Giants.

    My favorite quote, from one of my son’s favorite video games. Cap’n Flynn is voiced by Patrick Warburton, to give you an idea what that quote sounds like.

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