Ducklings Can Do It All!

A Duckling falls down the waterfall and can’t get back with momma. What does he do?

It’s like a video game puzzle level! He figured it out!


Sometimes the longer way around is the smarter way to play!

H/T Formynder

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2 Responses to Ducklings Can Do It All!

  1. bluesun says:

    Here, this’ll ruin your day: there’s a dead female duck in the road right outside my house. Luckily no ducklings with her.

  2. Wolfman says:

    My Lovely Wife and I, on our first date, watched duckling swimming lessons on a creek in Glacier Park. Mommy duck must have led that ducklings a dozen times, everyone up the series of ledges and riffles; once they were all up, zoom! Back down the creek they went, like an amusement park ride! That was pretty cute. Helped set the stage for a pretty good day, too; after all, she stuck around!

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