Emily Miller Gets Her Own Show!


Washington Times columnist and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun,” will host a new weekly radio show starting Mar. 3.

The show will cover the latest policy debates in Washington, D.C., according to a release from the Times.

Miller’s program is one of several new shows launching by featured talent at the Times. The shows will be carried on the new on-demand radio app Kaliki Audio Newsstand, which allows users to stream news-talk radio into cars or on mobile devices.

We requested details from Miller about her show, like whether she’ll have Piers Morgan on as a guest.

“Ha! I’d love to have Piers Morgan on my radio show, but I’m not sure he’s brave enough to sit on the other side of the questioning,” Miller told TheBlaze Blog. “My first question to him would be: Since no gun control law has ever reduced violence, why are you pushing so hard for more?”

Sounds like Emily has been talking with Joe Huffman!

I’ll have to look into that app to listen in myself!

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  1. TS says:

    Better yet, she should take over the prime time spot at CNN. I heard there is an opening.

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