“Gun Death” Bat Multiple Killings

This is a sick one:

A “schizophrenic” Florida man beat two women to death with a baseball bat and critically injured a third person before taking his own life — just hours after he was turned away from a help facility, his family said.

According to the story the family was trying to get him checked into clinics to get help for his illness, but he was repeatedly turned away. I have no idea the veracity of this, nor do I know if it would have saved the lives of these women. I assume they were seeking voluntary commitment, so he could have easily walked out and committed the murders even if he was accepted into the program.

And of course his murder weapon was a baseball bat, a common sporting good/children’s toy that is ubiquitous in America, as well as widely available, without a background check.

I can joke about laws banning baseball bats to make fun of the anti-rights cult. What really upsets me is it seems the family was aware he was capable of this, and they were powerless to do anything.

There must be safeguards to keep people from being involuntarily committed without due process, but those safeguards are NOT only allowing it once the ill person has committed a serious crime, as those close to the person likely knew bad things were underfoot.

Also his method of suicide? He drown himself in a pond.

Obviously we need to ban guns!

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Bat Multiple Killings

  1. David W. says:

    Honestly I really have no idea how you keep looking these up. They’re sickening.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They really are. I’ve developed a bit of a callus to them with all I do, but I’m still disgusted by them all. Still since the antis are so hell-bent on pushing the “Gun Death” metric on us as a means to twist data to take away our rights, I keep doing it.

      Also you’ll note that while most of the first “Gun Death” posts on this blog were dug up by me personally, now about 95% of all posts are sent to me by readers, and most of the ones I do I hear in the news.

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