“Gun Death” Canada

One punch kills are not isolated to the United States:

A Winnipeg teen has taken responsibility for killing a fellow high school football player with a single surprise punch hurled outside a rookie initiation party in Transcona.

Christian O’Neail, 18, suffered a major brain injury and died after being struck in the jaw and falling to the pavement outside a Nevens Bay home.

Doesn’t sound like it was as intentional, nor malicious as other case, but it doesn’t make this poor man any less dead.

Still only “Gun Deaths” count because they make political fodder, but would he be any more dead if his attacker had used a gun?

H/T Mike W.

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  1. Joe in PNG says:

    Only counts if it is either “hazing” or “bullying”… something that can be used to make some sort of political point.

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