“Gun Death” Choking Hazards

As a new parent, I constantly read about food that poses a choking hazard. One of them is Hotdogs!

A Fourth of July hot-dog eating contest in western South Dakota turned tragic when a contestant choked to death.

Walter Eagle Tail, 47, of Custer, died at a hospital Thursday after attempts to save him at the scene failed, Custer County sheriff Rick Wheeler told the Rapid City Journal.

“There was someone doing CPR when we arrived,” Wheeler said. “He probably just suffocated. It got lodged in his throat and they (paramedics) couldn’t get it out.

“It all happened within minutes,” the sheriff said.

Even the “Professionals” can get over their heads. My heart goes out to the family for their tragic loss. Still, not a “Gun Death”. Rather than calling for a ban on eating contests, or hotdogs, they just want to ban guns, because only “gun death” counts!

H/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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4 Responses to “Gun Death” Choking Hazards

  1. We slice hot dogs lengthwise before eating them, and we do the same when we use them as dog treats.

  2. bluesun says:

    …shouldn’t they have been doing the Heimlich, not CPR?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I am not a medic, but I believe compression-only CPR will still do good even if the person in pulmonary arrest has an obstructed airway as there will still be SOME oxygen in the blood and any bit of that that the brain can soak up will add to survival time.

      again I AM NOT A MEDIC

    • TS says:

      Maybe because he was unconscious?

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