“Gun Death” Crazy Beating

For really no good reason:

A judge has sentenced a central Ohio man to 16 years in prison for his role in the fatal beating of a housemate last year.

The circumstances make it even worse:

The Columbus Dispatch reports that later Monday, the two other men who authorities say were with **REDACTED** at the time were arrested and charged in Wilson’s death.

Prosecutors say **REDACTED** and two companions demanded that the 38-year-old Wilson give them money. Then, prosecutors say, they trapped him in a bedroom before beating him until he collapsed.

**REDACTED** attorney says **REDACTED** suffers from schizophrenia and had not been taking his medication at the time of the beating.

This is a bit of a theme. People with severe mental illness who refuse to take their meds are dangerous, and they don’t NEED a gun to end a life.

Still unscrupulous people fixate on “Gun Death” not because it relates to public safety, but because it relates to the agenda they want to push.


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