“Gun Death” In Australia

Where they have low “Gun Death” and lots of gun control:

A Texas man was arrested Tuesday in New South Wales, Australia in connection to an incident where he is accused of attacking his ex-wife’s current husband with a crossbow and a tomahawk.

Funny how even in the belly of the gun control beast, people still find ways to get deadly weapons. Thankfully nobody was killed, but this sounds more like exceptional luck, than a sucess of gun control.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” In Australia

  1. It’s a funny thing about those Brit-types. Now that they have made the instruments of personal protection illegal, they tend to crow about their ” low gun violence” rates.

    The punch line is, while they’re talking about that isolated statistic, they conveniently ignore the increased rational of violence. They usually have MUCH higher rates of .. I don’t know .. non-fatal violent attacks, but they think it’s okay because they don’t have Gun Deaths!

    (Not that they have zero gun deaths .. it’s that they are illegal now, and much more difficult to do.)

    But they still have high rates of deaths by bludgeoning, knives, and other sorts of violence, but as long as it isn’t caused by the Day of the Evil Gun, it seems to be okay. It’s as if they are at peace with violence.

    Violence is part of the Human Condition. Still, they would rather have the weaker members of their population be prey to their predators, than “allow” them the means to defend themselves against violent strong arm violators.

    Think “Mad Max”, only without the shotgun with only one functional shotgun shell.

    It never occurs to these people that in their sanctimonious legislation, they are making victims of the gentlest members of their society. Sometimes, it makes me want to scream.

    In fact, I think I will:


    (Thank you, I feel much better now!)

    • Jack/OH says:

      Jerry, thanks for reiterating the, maybe, not so obvious. Other countries’ anti-gun laws come at a price. My very rough cartoon characterization is that Central and South American countries are guns-for-lawbreakers-only places. Western Europe and the UK are a Property Crimes ‘r’ Us big-box store for thugs who need only fists or iron pipes to get their way.

      Yep, there are countries with very low overall property and violent crime rates, and prohibitive gun controls. But the U. S. has many political subdivisions (states, counties, wards) also with overall low crime rates, and very high rates of private gun ownership. That’s why a lot of so-called gun debate by the antis seems to me a fraud and a cover for other stuff. (I’ve already mentioned the “politics as personal therapy” bug that seems to infect Joan and a few other antis.)

      Re-popularization of American gun culture and a calm, deliberate rollback of restrictive gun laws would do all of us a whole lot of good.

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