“Gun Death” MMA Fight

I’m kind of surprised I don’t hear about this more often.

An Extreme Fighting Championship Africa fighter injured in a Feb. 27 fight has died, the organization announced Wednesday.

Booto Guylain, 29, suffered a “serious head injury” in the bout vs. Keron Davies — making his EFC Africa debut — at EFC Africa 27 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He had been hospitalized since, EFC Africa saying Guylain had “swelling and bleeding on the brain.” He died in the hospital on Wednesday.

My condolences go out to the family and loved ones of the fallen fighter. Really I’ve watched a bunch of MMA fights, and I’m surprised nobody gets seriously hurt in these crazy bouts. The fact that both men walk away and fight again, coupled with the apparent brutality of the match is why I enjoy watching. It also shows the skill of the fighters that they can subdue another man in prime condition so well without causing lasting damage. I’d say if I ever found myself in a fight like that there would be missing eyes and possibly dead parties if I can manage!

Still this man did not get up, he did not walk away, and he will not fight again. very sad.

But not a “Gun Death”, so it doesn’t count!

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  1. Archer says:

    Note: He died doing what he loved.

    If we say that about someone who suffers a heart attack while hunting, or engaging in ANY “shooting sports,” all we hear about is how evil the sport is and how much less injury/death there would be if everyone collectively stopped engaging in the sport.

    We don’t hear that about an NFL player who gets knocked into a coma, or a baseball player who gets beaned in the noggin, or a hockey player who’s carried off the ice after a fight. We don’t hear those lamentations about any other sports. They’re not “Gun Sports,” you see, so injuries/deaths can’t be “Gun Deaths.”

    Also note: The reason you don’t see permanent or debilitating injuries or deaths from MMA bouts is the same reason you don’t see injuries or deaths from shooting sports: Safety Rules. The rules require Personal Protective Equipment. The rules require referees and officials to oversee the events, and feature automatic sanctions and/or disqualifications for violating the rules.

    (As an aside: That’s something else you don’t see in many other sports: there’s no in-game sanctions for beaning the baseball player in the head, or executing a questionable football tackle which rips out another player’s knee [you’ve seen those pictures, I’m sure – Ouch!]. Hell, the hockey mindset seems to be, “Two minutes? Well worth it!”, and causing an injury basketball will earn you a Technical Foul – one of two chances before you get ejected from the game.)

    Despite the inherent “violence” of MMA bouts (and in some peoples’ minds, shooting sports), the object is not to permanently injure or kill the other guy. It’s to win the game. You win mostly by “not losing.” Shooting sports are the same; the object isn’t to injure/kill your competition; it’s to win the game by “not missing.”

    (Sorry for the rant! 🙂 )

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