“Gun Death” More Domestic Violence

The “Gun Death” cult loves to say that having a gun will turn a simple argument into murder:

Authorities are investigating a murder following a domestic situation in Granville County.

…According to the sheriff, a husband and wife were having an argument when the wife, 40-year-old **REDACTED**, stabbed 35-year-old Carlos Russell in the neck. The victim was taken to Granville Medical Center where he was declared dead.

…Little domestic stuff was going on, but not this bad. Not to go this far, yeah,” Lester said when asked if she saw any signs of violence before Wednesday’s incident.

Authorities said they had been called to the home quite a few times in the past.

According to the sheriff, the couple’s 15-year-old daughter was home at the time of the assault, watched her mother stab her father and called 911 for help.

She was not the only child living with the couple, according to Lester.

Now this is a terrible case, and I don’t know if self defense is even a factor. What I will note is that while not all houses have guns, all houses have knives, and all domestic relationships by nature will have disagreements and arguments.

What you don’t see is murders like this. It’s almost like the tool doesn’t cause the crime.

H/T Sean

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