“Gun Death” Multiple Layers

Guam is no longer a “Gun Free Zone” as the people now have their right to keep and bear arms recognized. Does not stop the “Gun Death” Files from rolling on in Guam:

DeSoto is accused of killing three Japanese tourists and hurting 11 others in the rampage in a tourist area last year by running his car onto a busy sidewalk, crashing into a convenience store then getting out and stabbing bystanders. Kazuko Uehara, 81, and Rie Sugiyama, 29, were stabbed to death in the February 2013 attack. Hitoshi Yokota, 51, was hit by a car and died in a hospital two days later.

So he is on trial for these murders and assaults, none of which were done with the aid of a firearm. Where does the court put him? JAIL! How safe is he in this high-security gun-free zone?

Not very:

The lawyer for a Guam man accused of killing three tourists in a crash and stabbing rampage said Monday that her client was assaulted in jail by another inmate.

Public Defender Jocelyn Roden said in court that 22-year-old Chad DeSoto was hit three times by another of her clients. DeSoto responded appropriately by reporting the incident to Guam Department of Corrections authorities, she said.

Even in jail with guards, and other security you are STILL in danger. One of the big issues with our corrections system is the nature of the jail/prison population. Humans are social creatures, and by that nature solitary confinement is considered a severe corrections system punishment. People need to interact with other people. Except when you are incarcerated, the people you have to interact with are dangerous, and anti-social people.

Still not a “Gun Death”, so no worries!


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