“Gun Death” Sick Mom

This is a bad one!

A malnourished young disabled woman who weighed only 40 pounds has died and her mother has been charged for having a role in her condition.

…Local Memphis station WREG reports that authorities had been previously alerted to the alleged abuse that the mother inflicted on her daughter when Jennifer was ordered to stay away from Rebecca after the young woman was found in a hot car.

At the time of that August 2013 incident, Rebecca weighed 55 pounds and was five feet tall and was tested to have traces of methamphetamine in her system.

Police were called to the scene when there were reports that people- including Jennifer- were doing drugs in a nearby home. When police arrived, they found Rebecca in the car with the engine off and the windows rolled up all the way.

Jennifer’s brother then took Rebecca to his house after the incident and told the station that his mother, Rebecca’s grandmother, took care of the girl before her death.

This is just horrible abuse and neglect, as well as a mother who was purely negligent to her offspring. Hey, but not a “Gun Death”, so why I am getting so worked up about it?

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