“Gun Death” Stabber

Man this is a strange one:

A patient was stabbed to death at a northwest Indiana hospital and a man believed to be her husband was found later stabbed to death at their home in the nearby city of Gary, Indiana, authorities said on Friday.

A suspect in the killings of the elderly couple, a man believed to be in his 40s, has been taken into custody in Gary, police said. Police said they are still investigating the relationship between the murder victims and the suspect.

“We do have one person in custody who we think is responsible for those acts,” Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram told a news conference, adding that the suspect knew the two victims.

Sounds like some sort of vendetta. Hey, but no “Gun Death” so no worries, right?


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  1. Jack/OH says:

    Exactly, Weer’d. Arthur Goldwag, the surprisingly thoughtful gun-hater, seizes on guns as being specifically designed to kill. There you go, there you have it, he seems to say, I’ve gotcha now.

    Edged weapons, pointed weapons, bows and crossbows, leverage-and-mass (my made-up term) weapons like maces seem to disappear from the anti-gunners’ brains. Roman centurions and Greek hoplites did plenty of work killing and enslaving whole bunches of people with those weapons, although they literally never heard a shot fired in anger. The anti-gunners seem to me the real gun nuts.

    I’ve got a quick thought experiment for the anti-gunners. Imagine that overnight there’s complete and perfect confiscation of firearms. Now take a midnight stroll through your local Gangbanger Land. Don’t lie–how safe do you feel?

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