Hysterics and Ignorance

Now this is just a GEM of pants shitting hysterics!


Many people know of the “gun show loophole” that allows individuals to purchase guns without background checks or any sort of paperwork at gun shows. Currently, most states do not require any sort of background check at gun shows – and I can attest to that fact as I purchased a .243 Savage through a cash transaction of $400 plus tax this past spring. No questions asked, no paperwork filled out, and we parted ways not even knowing each other’s names.

Didn’t even know each other’s name???? You may have just committed a felony, bub! You didn’t even exchange ID to make sure both parties were proper residents of the state where the transaction took place? That’s illegal interstate commerce of firearms! I’m willing to bet even if this idiot didn’t ask for ID, the other guy did. It’s possible both parties are THAT criminally stupid, and it’s possible the author will receive a visit from his local ATF agent to confirm no federal laws were broken. Not much of a “Loophole” is it, now?

Also before he gets into the fear-mongering, his “bolt action hunting rifle” could be described as a “High Powered, military assault weapon chambered for deadly cop killer bullets”, as there is likely little mechanical differences between what the snipers in Afghanistan are using and this gun, and certainly .243 Win will punch though a Level IIA Police ballistic vest like a fart through the seat of my jeans. Yeah, sniper rifles are different than your bargain deer guns, but the differences aren’t as great as say the difference between a AR-15 sporter and an M4 Carbine.

Moving on to the serious hysterics.

Now, I was only purchasing a small capacity, bolt action hunting rifle but I could have just as easily walked out with a semi-automatic AR-15 and high capacity magazines – and still not have gone through any more trouble than going to the ATM and pulling out some cash. I’m also a mentally stable individual with no criminal record, but not everyone purchasing weapons through gun shows is mentally stable or without a felony record.

And who fucking cares? There is a ton of fear put to AR-15s, but spree shooters seem to have done MORE damage if we’re counting bodies, with low-capacity pistols and pump shotguns. In the end we’re just talking rifles, and nothing more. If ARs were the dark scythe of Death antis make them out to be, I wouldn’t be typing this post, I’d be having dirt shoveled on my coffin lid.

Also you claim to be mentally stable, but I’ve read your article…just sayin’.

And then there’s the whole world of social media which makes buying a gun even easier, especially if you’re someone trying to avoid any sort of paper trail or background check. On Facebook, I belong to a number of gun groups for the purposes of keeping up with current prices, NRA talking points on assault rifles and checking out the really cool guns some people have. One of the disturbing things I’ve found is that while some of these individuals require that their sale be processed at a FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer, many of them don’t. The upside to going through a FFL is that you’re ensuring you aren’t selling directly to a felon, and that you can also have a record of the sale should that firearm ever be involved with a crime.

Yep that is an upside to dealing with FFLs, and I’ve certainly bought guns from people online who insisted the transfer be through an FFL. He forgets to point out the advantages to buying guns face-to-face. First you can meet at a mutually convenient place, the transfer takes less time (even more so these days when you generally have to wait in line to do a NICS check at the dealer) and cost less because you aren’t demanding the time of a third party. When somebody insists a gun be sold at an FFL when I have a good feeling that everything is kosher, I demand they pay the transfer fee. If I’m selling a gun online, or buying one, I’m doing it because I want more for my sale, or to get a better deal.

Above are three semi-automatic, high velocity rifles which can accurately deliver multiple rounds out to 500 yards and beyond. In close quarters, like a school, they’re absolutely devastating. These aren’t rifles designed for hunting (although they can be used for such), these were designed for the military, for killing people. Not deer, not wild hogs, not bears – people. These are indeed the very definition of an “assault rifle.”

First up, while the effective range of an AR may be 500 yards (and that may be optimistic for many of these units), that’s a LOT of demand on the shooter. Something tells me this guy couldn’t hit a cow in the ass with a barn shovel, let alone make a decent grouping with any rifle at 300 yards, let alone 500. Second the AR-15 was indeed invented as a sporting rifle, and was later adopted by the military. Third, the definition of “assault rifle” is any rifle in an intermediate caliber that is select fire. Sorry, none of the guns listed meet that criteria, but BOY don’t you sound smart spouting that nonsense! Last, even if a gun is designed to rape, mangle, and immolate children, when does that intention get transferred to the end user? If somebody uses an AR-15 to shoot deer or woodchucks (which it is 100% fine for doing so given proper ammo) how is any of that “designed for killing people” crap factor in at all?

And one thing all antis don’t EVER want to talk about is self-defense. If somebody wants a gun to defend their life, isn’t that EXACTLY what you want? I certainly don’t want some sporting-goods gun designed for shooting deer at 100+ yards when I hear a window break at 1am! There is NOTHING wrong with killing people given the parameters of the law. The antis can’t get around that, so they simply ignore it.

Below we have two high-capacity pistols, both capable of unloading 30+ rounds of 9mm or .40S&W ammo in a very short period of time. Both of which are offered for sale, with no background check or any other precaution.

The two weapons above have zero usefulness when it comes to hunting. These are “street sweepers” which are guns designed to spray a large number of bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger, especially the Tec-9 Brandon is selling.

OK, well there you go again, the Tec-9 is likely a pistol, but the Kel-Tec is a carbine. So yeah, this guy has NO idea what he’s talking about. Second, “Steet Sweepers”? Yeah that’s exactly what those guns were designed for! Good luck with that! He also links World Guns talking about the criminal history of the Tec-9. That’s a great site, and true, but most of the criminal history of that gun came when they were sold as open-bolt Semi-auto pistols. I’m not a gunsmith or designer, so I don’t know how easy it would be to do, but the more nefarious uses were people converting the semi-auto open-bolt guns to full-auto. The ATF ruled that open-bolt guns were “Machine Guns” no matter how they functioned, so Intratec designed their guns to fire from a closed bolt, and all open-bolt civilian guns needed to be registered with the ATF as NFA items or destroyed.

They’re also cheap pieces of shit, so go right ahead and be afraid of them. The Sub2000 is cheap, but it isn’t a piece of shit. It is also a dandy little bedside gun or trunk gun if you ever need to defend yourself with a rifle…but again self defense is NOT something this prick wants to talk about. Remember George Washington crossed the Delaware to get to his duck blind in this guy’s book.

So here we have various high-capacity weapons, passed from one individual to another individual without a background check or other documentation via Facebook. On none of these offers was it noted that the buyer had to make the purchase via an FFL dealer (there’s tons of them here in the Lafayette, LA area in case you’re wondering) which means none of these sellers were really concerned about who might potentially get their hands on these weapons. This doesn’t even take into consideration the multiple shotguns, handguns and other rifles offered in just this one group. Let’s also not forget that Louisiana has one of the loosest sets of gun laws in the nation, and the highest gun death rate per capita.

Or maybe they want to make the most money for their trade and make best use of their time. Also do you think the gang members that make Louisiana such a dangerous state are documenting their illegal actions on open facebook walls? You don’t think the local cops are reading Ice Dogg and Ray-Ray’s facebook pages to get tips on what their next arrest might be?

I’m not saying that we need to ban these weapons, although I would certainly not have a problem with requiring special licensing and training like a hunter’s safety course for ownership, but shouldn’t these sellers at least make sure that they’re not selling to a felon? If you call yourself a “responsible gun owner” and want to avoid arming criminals, I’d think that’s the least you could do.

Why would I, as somebody who doesn’t hunt, need to take a hunter’s safety course to own a gun? Further, since he seems to be big on talking about how deadly his state is, care to show me how states that require training classes before people buy guns, or carry concealed are safer than states that don’t?

It’s all pearl clutching.

Also, yeah, I wouldn’t mind gaining access to the NICS system before I sell or buy a gun to make sure I won’t get a visit from Johnny Law ATF. I just don’t want to be mandated to do it during the business hours of an FFL, and pay for their time to run the check. Such laws have been proposed. How did the anti-gun people like this compromise for their idea of universal background checks? They HATED and opposed it!

Anti-gun people don’t want universal background checks, they want an off-switch for gun transfers in America. Once gun commerce is completely in the hands of FFLs it is now done at the pleasure and discretion of the ATF. Used to be America was FILLED with FFLs. A Few buddies would pool their money and take out an FFL so they could buy in bulk, avoid the various hassles of buying and selling guns, and sell what they don’t keep for themselves at gunshows for far less than the dude who has to pay rent and employees to run that brick-and-mortar store. They’re gone now from one executive order. Further other shops have been shut down for common paperwork errors, or shut down due to changes in the zoning laws. It isn’t unreasonable for a future where America looks a lot like Mexico where somebody might need to travel hundreds of miles just to sell or buy a gun, or family members wanting to keep a departed family member’s collection after their death.

Or in this case we have a person who sees the only reason for owning guns is to shoot deer, and not only shoot deer but shoot them with the PROPER type of gun, by his own ignorant standards.

Sorry man, this is America, you want that crap move someplace else!

Oh and check out his profile!

Manny Schewitz is a progressive from the Dirty South with an inclination to say it like it is. He is a co-founder of Forward Progressives, and also maintains an active and lively presence on Facebook.

“Dirty South”? Man that is INSULTINGLY Elitist! Yep, anti-gun people are always about hate.

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5 Responses to Hysterics and Ignorance

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Couple of things to consider about the GCA. First, that part about being “Indicted” for a Crime that COULD Exceed a Year or more in Prison, whether or not said Crime is a Felony or a Misdemeanor. I fail to see how that part could be declared “Constitutional,” since we are SUPPOSED to be “Innocent until Proven Guilty.” Just look at what’s happening to Rick Perry of Texas. He has to give up his Guns because he followed the Texas State Constitution and Vetoed funding for some State ” Political Corruption Watchdog Dept.” that has NEVER gone after ONE Democrat?

    Second, No Sales of “Pistol” Ammunition to “Minors” under the age of 21? Uh, does that mean all those People who are making AR Pistols w/that Sig “Shooting Aid” have now set up a 20 year-old Military Soldier who just so happens to own a 5.56/.223 AR? And let’s not forget the Thompson/Contender Pistols.

    Finally, the Bullshit by the Uber-Liberal “Gun Owner.” He better make sure that the Party doesn’t send his Ass to the Gulag if the day ever comes that the “Great Socialist Utopia” comes to Fruition. He seams to have forgotten that Party Doctrine puts ALL Firearms under the control of the State, not HIM.

  2. Chad says:

    Elitist, “guns for me but not for thee”, d-bag

  3. Archer says:

    “Below we have two high-capacity pistols, both capable of unloading 30+ rounds of 9mm or .40S&W ammo in a very short period of time.”

    “Very short period of time” is extremely subjective. “Very short time” compared to what?

    A bolt-action rifle, like the one purchased by the author, is “capable of unloading 30+ rounds” in a “very short period of time” when compared to a Brown Bess musket or Kentucky or Pennsylvania long rifle. (Hell, a kid’s archery set can shoot faster then a single-shot muzzle-loader!)

    A Biden-approved double-barrel shotgun is “capable of unloading 30+ rounds” in a “very short period of time” when compared to the bolt-action rifle.

    A lever-action or pump-action is “capable of unloading 30+ rounds” in a “very short period of time” when compared to the Biden-approved shotgun.

    A Colt Peacemaker (or any revolver, DA or SA) is “capable of unloading 30+ rounds” in a “very short period of time” when compared to the lever and pump guns, especially when you start “fanning” the SA revolver.

    And any semi-auto is likely going to “unload rounds” faster than the revolver – through a combination of magazine capacity and the relative ease and speed of reloads (mostly the latter) – in the hands of an average user.

    If you’re going to use inflammatory language like “unloading 30+ rounds” and “very short period of time,” quantify that statement. Otherwise, it sounds like PSH rhetoric.

  4. Greg Hiestand says:

    What kind of idiot would agree to pay 400+TAX on a paperwork free cash transaction? I’d have thought it was either a private transfer or a taxable transaction.

    • Geodkyt says:

      If he’s paying sales tax, it’s either a straw man purchase and his straw man insists on being reimbursed for the sales tax, he’s buying from an illegal unlicensed commercial gun seller, or he’s buying from a licensed dealer who is *illegally* selling guns under the table through his store.

      Or he’s outright lying. That’s the whole set of possibilities — one of three different felony transactions, or he’s lying through his ass.

      Because sales taxes are levied through *businesses*, and if your business involves selling GCA-regulated firearms, you need to have a “commerical” FFL, and if you have a “commercial” (dealer, manufacturer, or importer type, NOT a C&R) FFL and you are selling a GCA-regulated gun through your business (not a private gun from your private collection that you have had over a year, sold in a private transaction NOT involving your business), you need to do a 4473 and background check (unless you fall into one of the statutory exemptions).

      If he just bought a rifle from Joe Bubba RandomDude, he wouldn’t be paying sales tax, because Mr. RandomDude isn’t a business. Even if Mr. RandomDude happens to own a non-FFL business, the instant he processed a transaction for a gun through his business (in order to collect and submit sales tax, for instance), he entered the business of selling firearms.

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