I Actually Agree With Joan!

Wow, I’m in a cold sweat reading this:

Yes. Someone is to blame. The whole family is to blame. People shouldn’t be drinking around guns or doing drugs. Small children should not be able to get their hands on guns, most especially AK-47s. This is an unimaginable tragedy that will haunt this family for many years into the future. Obviously there was no common sense going on at this family event.

Yep, a dude left a loaded rifle around children while he got loaded on beer, weed, and coke. Somebody got shot, and he’s to blame.

I don’t think we can argue with this. Still where Joan shows she’s totally broken is her “solutions”:

Enough is enough but we keep saying it and the shootings continue and Congress and legislatures continue to ignore what’s going on all around them. One good thing happened this past week, however, concerning gun safety. The NRA got out of the way and let the House of Representatives vote to increase funding for sending records of those who shouldn’t have guns to the FBI’s NICS background check system. It’s amazing what happens when the corporate gun lobby stands down. Congress can stand up and do the right thing for a change. But it’s also shameful that this lack of courage on the part of elected leaders is on such full display. It’s time for that to change as well. Stand up Congress. What really matters to you? Common sense gun safety measures or your funding from the corporate gun lobby? The question needs to be asked and answered. We all have to live in this world together. It’s time to make it a safer and better place to live. We can do this if you all get together and do the right thing in the name of public health and safety. Let’s get to work.

Yep, that would have prevented EVERYTHING. Total reality disconnect. The rational is to make guns as illegal as murder so nobody will be murdered with guns! Make guns as illegal as cocaine and nobody will die while people are beaked up on Bolivian Marching Powder.

Hand-wringing, and broken record preaching for her favorite hobby horse called down from her Brady Campaign and Joyce handlers.

Hey but that NRA is SO Extreme and unreasonable!

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4 Responses to I Actually Agree With Joan!

  1. The_Jack says:

    Oh look, and there’s that phrase “Corporate Gun Lobby”.

    Wow, she really does believe her own propaganda doesn’t she?

    Also amazing how the slippery slope of “common sense background expansions” to full on confiscation is right there in her own words.

    But if you point it out she’ll say you’re paranoid.

  2. Ryan Michad says:

    These anti-gun folk don’t realize something; people are getting wise to their agenda. Slowly, damned slowly, but it’s happening nonetheless. The issue I raised recently to an anti was that “I’m not going to spout all the reasons I have and should have the right to bear arms, I’m just going to say one thing: the longer you and your distorted statistic spouting ilk ignore the real and underestimated problem of mental health and undiagnosed mental illness, the more time we will have to experience such heinous events. We can complain all we want about the guns, the knives, the cars,…..etc but until we quit beating around the bush we will never stop these things from taking place.

  3. Jack/OH says:

    Yeah, you’re right about “total reality disconnect”. There’s some failure of intellect or a loopy psychology among the anti-gun people. Would anyone trust an anti-gunner to distinguish a lawful killing of an assailant from an unlawful killing of an innocent? Some people are not “victims” of “gun violence”, it seems to me, because they are assailants who were lawfully killed while committing an unlawful act.

    Yep, unlawful use of a firearm or negligence in owning a firearm that results in injury or death ought to be handled by the courts. Our courts here seem to handle those cases okay.

    Are the anti-gun people even capable of thinking of guns as an affirmative good when they’re used lawfully? Or, do they believe it’s a good idea to deny Grandma even the option of a firearm to protect herself against a home invasion?

    Yeah, I agree with Ryan, the anti-gun people have an agenda, and it just doesn’t seem to me as intellectually honest as it ought to be. Maybe there’s some deep-think that I don’t understand, but what I’m guessing is a harass-the-innocent political strategy preparatory to some legal action against gun and ammo manufacturers. But, I’m no expert, either.

  4. Eck! says:


    When it comes to the anti-gunners and specifically japete we have the problemof insanity.
    They have for as long as I’ve commented beat the same dissonant drum of irrational coping and that being if there were no guns this would never have happened. Sorry, its a wish, a hope, and its not how the real world works. You cannot turn back time, and if you could it doesn’t mean the same end (a death or many) would not have occurred as likely other means would have been used. I really do means the drunk can still fall on a knife or crash a car and the spree killer would have used gas and a match. The result would be no less horrific and maybe more so.

    Remember japete is only anti-gun not anti violence because her personal loss was a result of a criminal with a gun. Like so many others their coping mechanism is to blame the gun for their loss or irrational inability. We can be sympathetic to their irrationality but we must confront their lies and misrepresentations as its their only cure, and avoidance of poison for all.


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