Images of the Antis 100% Wrong

Sometimes I wonder, do the antis hate Stand Your Ground laws, so they lie to help stigmatize them, or do they simply have ZERO understanding of them?

Funny, you aren’t “Standing your ground” if you’re chasing somebody. SYG law simply eliminates the duty to RETREAT. Also if you are the aggressor in an attack you are not legally defending your life!

Now the double-down:

The three shooters are all real people, Left to right we have Michael Dunn a man convicted of manslaughter on three counts and miss-tried because because the state called it Murder 1, which is per-meditated murder, when really all the evidence I’ve heard its a pretty clean murder 2 case. He’s still awaiting trial on the murder charge, if they double-down on the murder 1 crap he might beat it, either way he’s not a young man so the sentence for the attacks he WAS convicted of will likely mean he’ll die in prison.

Second is Curtis Reeves, who is still awaiting trial on a murder 2 charge. Unless I hear some really compelling evidence I really doubt he’s going to beat this charge, and again, not a young man, so even a lenient sentence will result in him dying in prison.

The last shooter is George Zimmerman. Here is a story where evidence DID surface to show the story was not like the initial reports. The initial reports did sound a lot like the image in the comic. Zimmerman saw a black kid in a hoodie, and decided to shoot him. That would have been bad. Instead Zimmerman encountered a man in a hoodie who was acting erratically and called police on him. Zimmerman was then knocked on the ground and had his head beaten into the pavement. Not admitted was that the young man he shot was that he was a violent person who had a history of abusing drugs. Zimmerman shot once, killing him.

He was acquitted of the murder charges, and it was NOT a Stand Your Ground Case, because if you are being pinned down and severely beaten you can’t escape, so even if the law mandates that, it was met.

Oh and amusingly it appears to be the same gun in all 4 panels, and it looks vaguely H&K-like, but boy that gun has an amazingly low bore axis. That’s all geekery, but this is LOL!

Something’s wrong with your front sight…and maybe your magazine well. Of course anti-gun people don’t know the first thing about guns, or gun laws. That’s why we should totally trust them on their “Common Sense”.

Oh and for Stand Your Ground, this video is quite amazing.

It’s not a radical law, it really just takes a burden that was never contemplated by somebody in a life-or-death encounter.

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3 Responses to Images of the Antis 100% Wrong

  1. Motor-T says:

    “Also if you are the aggressor in an attack you are legally defending your life!”

    I think you left a “not” out for that sentence.

  2. ProudHillbilly says:

    They lie. Period. They lie about guns, they lie about abortion, they lie about the Catholic Church. They just lie. Because in their world the end justifies the means.

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