Images of the Antis: Pointless Grandstanding

This is one that totally gets my goat:

In case you didn’t recognize the name:

I know NOTHING about Jordan Davis. I won’t lie, when the Mom of a teenager is shot talks about how good he is, I’ve learned from experience that it often isn’t true. I guess I can’t blame them (speaking of the other cases I’m more familiar with, not Davis et al) when they lose a troubled youth the idea that for some silly reason you can’t speak ill of the dead is doubled by grief. So often a tearful mother talks about what a “Good Boy” their son was, when it’s released that the teen had a long juvenile record of violet and/or antisocial crimes. Sorry, when I was 17 I was a good boy. I didn’t do drugs, I had never been arrested, I didn’t run with gangs, I didn’t steal things, and the closest thing I had to an assault charge were a few silly schoolyard fights where not a drop of blood was shed. (Teenage hormones are a bitch, but thankfully I was a bit of a wimp so when my temper flared in those crazy years nobody got hurt, and frankly once my head cleared I was thankful nobody was hurt. Also I am ASHAMED for blows landed in anger, rather than many of these cases where they brag about it on facebook)

My heart goes out to this woman. Whatever kind of young man her son was, he was her only son, and he SHOULD be alive. Also Cancer sucks, but it has NOTHING to do with any of this.

You know what also has NOTHING to do with this? Stand Your Ground laws.

Jurors found Michael Dunn guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

The man that killed her son is now a convicted murderer. Even with Stand Your Ground Laws, this does not make murder legal in any way. Still I also had to throw up the “Bad Justice” tag. From all I read about this case is was indeed murder, but I don’t see any evidence that Dunn knew Davis before this event, let alone planned to murder him. Maybe it was racially motivated, maybe Dunn was angered to the point of violence about the loud music and the appropriate reaction from the youth when asked by a rude stranger to turn their music down. Either way this really seems to me like a text book 2nd Degree murder case.

Either way, Dunn will die in prison no mater how he’s sentenced. While I don’t agree with the charge, the end-result is appropriate. Bad Justice, but no THAT bad.

Still there’s this bullshit:

The victim’s father said the verdict made Jacksonville “a shining example that you could have a jury made of mostly white people, white men,” that delivers justice in a racially charged case.

Fuck you! Your son was murdered, and his murderer is now going to die in prison. Weather Dunn was a racist who killed your son because of the color of his skin, or any other reason, this does NOT give you the right to call others racist because of the color of THEIR skin. You, sir, are a racist asshole, and while I’m sorry for the loss of your son, I have no respect for you personally.

I really see the problems of racism in America getting FAR worse, not better. The fact that bigotry like this won’t even be discussed in the aftermath of this case shows that we haven’t hit bottom yet. If race WAS a factor in this case it was never presented. Still, in your sick heart race WAS a factor, but a black man who hates whites is considered “Appropriate” in modern America. So appropriate we elected one President.

As I said, this problem will ONLY get worse, and I really don’t look forward to seeing what depths we’re willing to go to before this worm must turn.

Still to close on the issue at hand, Michael Bloomberg wishes to make self defense in this nation illegal, and good laws like Stand Your Ground get in the way of that. Even if Dunn appeals this, I don’t see him getting anything but a 2nd Degree Murder charge, and still he will never be free again. Even in a state where Stand Your Ground is law, this murderer will die in prison, yet STILL they attack.

They are not rational, nor logical.

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4 Responses to Images of the Antis: Pointless Grandstanding

  1. Joe in PNG says:

    I tend to think that much of the outrage has less to do with SYG, and more to do with driving Democratic voters to go to the polls.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Judging how guns are playing even in anti-gun Massachusetts (this year an Anti-Gun bill was drafted, but before it got to the Governor it became a pro-gun bill) I don’t think anti-gun messages are going to do much for the base (while Pro-gun ones will help on the other side).

      I think it’s more trying to find ANYTHING that is not going to sink them into being called out as the fringe lunatic that they are. They’ve already declared that they’ll stop talking about banning guns, even tho they are not RETRACTING their feelings on the issue. Plus how often I see the “90% of *Demographic* supports *insert stupid gun law here*” crap, they really just are trying to brand themselves as anything but a lost cause.

  2. rd says:

    “The victim’s father said the verdict made Jacksonville “a shining example that you could have a jury made of mostly white people, white men,” that delivers justice…”

    pro-jec-tion in Medicine
    projection pro·jec·tion (prə-jěk’shən)

    2. The attribution of one’s own attitudes, feelings, or suppositions to others.

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