Images of the Antis: Property Rights

Found this image and it raises some interesting questions:

That’s the Augusta National Golf Course rules. Now personally I’m fine with private lands having such rules (given that it is not a crime to disobey said rules unless you refuse to leave when asked, and if you disarm me, you are now responsible for my personal safety). Still the law doesn’t work that way. You see, Augusta didn’t much care for blacks:

Augusta did not admit its first African-American member until 1990, at a time when controversy was erupting over Shoal Creek, an all-white Alabama club where the PGA Championship took place only after it admitted its first black member.

Burk says Augusta discriminated in 1990 and continues to discriminate today. The club’s position is that it discriminates against no one: It is a private club, its members have freedom of association and race is different from gender. Burk counters that the club draws most of its membership from the top tier of American corporations, which have anti-discrimination rules in their businesses. She says a private club that hosts a public event like The Masters is not really private.

Or Women:

After more than three quarters of a century, women will for the first time be included on the membership rolls of Augusta National Golf Club, one of the most exclusive clubs in the world and the host of the Masters.

Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne announced Monday that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and business executive Darla Moore will be the first female members of the club.

Now no law forced Augusta to admit blacks, or women, or Black women, or super-humans like Condi Rice. So as much as the antis may gloat, things change!

Still if you own a storefront, you can’t exclude blacks, or women, or sidestep the ADA requirements for wheelchair access by only admitting people who can walk on their own power. So why can you exclude lawful gun owners? We recently saw with the gay wedding cake flap that you can’t even refuse customers.

So in a day and age where your property rights really aren’t absolute, why can you legally exclude gun owners?

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3 Responses to Images of the Antis: Property Rights

  1. Dan says:

    We have the same laws here, more or less. But for some reason its okay for female only fitness clubs to exist. Is this a form of sexism? Apparently not.

    • Archer says:

      It’s not sexism because it’s the “right kind” of sexism.

      The ACLU would have a hissy fit if Augusta still prohibited black members (more than they do, anyway), but do you think they’d have as much outrage if an all-black, no-unaccompanied-whites-allowed club opened in Queens?

      The race- and gender-wars have not been about equality or eliminating special treatment for a very long time. Now, they’re all about promoting the “right kind” of special treatment – and we white-male types are screwed.

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