Images of the Antis: Short Sighted

Ever got a chance to call a self-described proponent of “Common Sense Gun Control” a “Gun Banner” or “Gun Grabber”? If it’s a run-of-the-mill anti-gunner they might agree, but if they’re one of those that are steeped in top-down anti-rights talking points their reaction will be mock indignation.

Just look at the monikers they choose for themselves. “Common sense Gun Control”, “Gun Safety Advocate”, “Gun Reformer”. What’s their agenda? Well banning guns, of course! Just don’t call them a “Gun Grabber” because NOBODY is going to take your guns away!

Now this:

Uh huh! “Massacre Prevention”. Have you heard about that mass shooting at the NRA Annual meeting? How about at your local gun show?

Have you noticed that the massacres that happen are almost always in places with heavy gun control?

Oh and what is the agenda to “Prevent” massacres? Why simple, make the REST of the country like the location the killer CHOSE to go on a shooting spree!

Makes PERFECT sense! Same vein as the idiom I joke about: “If guns were as illegal as murder, then nobody would be murdered with guns!”

“Common Sense”

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4 Responses to Images of the Antis: Short Sighted

  1. TS says:

    So they are not interested in single murders, double murders, and suicides anymore?

  2. Bob S. says:

    This one can backfire on them in really painful ways

    Massacre Prevention; how are you going to do that?

    — Background checks

    You mean like the ones the University of California at Santa Barbara killer passed?

    — Magazine limits

    You mean the ones like the 10 round magazines the Virginia Tech killed used?

    And on and on…not one of their suggestions will stop a massacre and history can be used to support that.

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