Looks like Ruger has expanded it’s LCR line to a clip-fed 9×19!

Neat if you’re into that sort of thing. Not my speed really since I like shooting pistol cartridges in pistols, and revolver cartridges in revolvers. Also for such a compact gun I prefer the equally compact speed strips for my reloads rather than the bulkier, and more fragile moon clips. Still moon clips are MUCH faster to reload and eject than individual cartridges so there is a huge plus.

Also I was surprised to see this gun was designed around the LCR .357 gun rather than the LCR .38 Special. Much to my surprise the SAMMI pressure limits for 9×19 +P is much closer to .357 Mag than .38 Special +P, meaning this too makes sense. Really it’s only a few more ounces for the more traditionally fluted cylinder, and the all-steel frame of the .357, than the aluminum frame and heavily fluted cylinder of the .38 Special gun.

Of course while the LCRs are stupid-ulgy gun, the .357, and 9×19 guns are the best looking for all of them, and the really wonky looking .22 LR gun being the strangest looking with it’s heavy scallops around the 8 chambers.

LCR Pair

(here you can see my .22 LR LCR beside the .357 variant for comparison)

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3 Responses to Interesting

  1. Wally says:

    Okay…. I am not a big wheelgun guy. I am heavily vested in 9mm. I’ve shot the LCR in 38 and was impressed.

    This does look really nice to me.

    I don’t have a pressing need now – but once someone buys one ($500 now, I see) and trades it in, I’d be happy to adopt one.

  2. Beaumont says:

    I like to have revolvers chambering my preferred autoloader cartridges. They are more tolerant of dodgy ammo & they simplify logistics for those who carry a snubby in its traditional BUG role. The LCRs certainly are ugly, but they function, and this revolver will be significantly cheaper than buying a S&W 642 and having it converted. So, at least one sale to my household.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      If you haven’t shot an LCR, I think you’ll be pleased. I must say, my LCRs are the best subcompact revolvers I own. I still prefer Smiths for bigger guns, but I like these better than my J-Frames.

      Hell if Ruger scaled up this deign to make a GP100 with the polymer frame and the same trigger mechanism, I’d buy it as soon as I saw one at my local dealer!

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