Interesting Anti-Freedom Group from the UK

Sebastian found this group operating out of the UK.

Go have a look, their graphic, it has a few cooking knives, a hammer, and a screwdriver, and lists them as “Weapons”. We talked about this when my blog was still new. The Brits, having essentially banned guns now have their thugs carrying mundane weapons to commit murders. Oh and Cookie Monster…no idea what that has to do with anything, nor do I think it is a licensed use of Disney LLC’s copyright materiel.

Yeah, the antis will not stop once they get our guns. The group is really bizarre, they even had an event where they asked supporters to get tattoos!

Still the most bizarre thing is they held a rally at an air show. I did some searching on youtube and found that the RAF Red Arrows (essentially the RAF equivelent to the US AF Blue Angels) had an exhibition. So they were protesting kids carrying screwdrivers and hammers while honest-to-goodness Fighter Jets flew overhead!

Amazing! It shows how well gun control works when you need to worry about Knife and Screwdriver murders after you ban guns!

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3 Responses to Interesting Anti-Freedom Group from the UK

  1. Stan says:

    Isn’t cookie monster owned by Sesame Street? This whole thing looks like the kind of quality you’d get out of a bunch of drunken college students.

  2. Stuart the Viking says:

    Not to be a nit-picker or nuthin, but the Blue Angels are Navy.


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