Just to Re-Hash a Subject.

Jeff Quinn has a New Review up of a Phlip shotgun that looks pretty cool.

He talks about birdshot for Home defense and I got a little butthurt in the comments. Hopefully I didn’t ruffle too many feathers.

I wrote a long post on shotgun ballistics here also triggered by a video by Jeff.

In looking at that post I noticed that I reviewed it again here.

Operative video here:

Again, I don’t choose to use my shotgun as I find a 1911 to be a better home defense gun, and in the event I want a long-arm I’d prefer my FAL. Still I keep #00 buck loads for “Social” applications. He does make a compelling argument for birdshot.

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One Response to Just to Re-Hash a Subject.

  1. Kermit says:

    Augh, not the birdshot thing again… Look, if you want to stoke your home defense gun with birdshot, that’s fine, but aim for the goblin’s face, or jam the muzzle in his belly before you shoot. That same “lack of penetration” you value because it won’t mess up your sheetrock also won’t mess up anyone who wants to deal you damage preemptively. So you’re stuck with blinding him, gutting him, or giving him a rash.

    I’d rather stop the threat, so my shotgun’s loaded with double aught buck, and has slugs on the side-saddle “just in case.” If I miss, I’ll tear the hell out of my walls, but if I don’t, I’ll tear the hell out of the goblin.

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