Justifiable Force

We could debate it, but I’m going to call fair ball on this one:

A father in Florida delivered instant vengeance to an 18-year-old man he caught molesting the dad’s 11-year-old son. The father reportedly walked in on the act after **PERV REDACTED** (pictured) took the boy to a back room of the house and pulled his pants down.

According to police the father did not use any weapons and beat the man so badly he wasn’t moving. The dad told police on the 911 call “He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you.” The father also added he didn’t stop to ask questions after he realized what was happening. “I just walked in a grown man molesting…and I got him in a bloody puddle for you, officer.”

Now the father hasn’t been charged with a crime, but Chester Molester with the stove-in face has more punishment to take in the courts. Of course reporters feel the need to use flashy but inaccurate words. Sexual assault is assault, and by the nature of it, it can be considered a deadly force scenario. The father took action to stop the crime, and he used restraint by not using a weapon.

Could he have stopped short of when he did? Maybe, Maybe not. But look at that mug shot? I will not question art!


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