Maybe I’m Getting Cynical

Or maybe it’s just common sense.

13 Years ago we were attacked by terrorists. I was out to sea and thankful for that. I was away from the wide-scale panic and sheltered to some extent from the media, tho we were getting TV signal from the mainland.

Still that memory while not fading is being overshadowed by more recent dates. Other terrorist attacks like the assault on the Embassy in Benghazi, as well as other terrorist and Islamic violence done on other days, like the recent beheddings of American Citizens and the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

I can’t help but remember more than just that attack on that clear morning in September, while the calm seas lapped at the hull.

This video is more like how I’m feeling today:

I’ll spend today watching my daughter who will never know the 9-10 years (but will hopefully see them return to some extent) and helping the workmen who are working on my house which is my little piece of the American Dream.

Nothing since then has been as horrible as on that morning, but the horrors after have effected far more, and for this I’m sad.

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  1. rd says:

    Sorry Weerd,

    But your daughter’s generation will not see peace either. This will be a multi-generational war. We were making progress, and then our leaders decided the war was over. All we had to do was be nice to our enemies, and they will love us back.

    Unfortunately the Jihadist Islamic believers did not care that we quit and they will not quit. Now they are running Amok in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Christians, Yezidi, and Animists are being slaughtered, and their daughters kidnapped and worse. Innocents are being beheaded, crucified, lined up and shot, and even buried alive.

    Yemen was touted as a success by our President, but is actually a war torn mess. So is Somalia, 20 some years after it fell apart. We and our European allies went into Libya under a “Responsibility to Protect,” and destroyed the stability of the nation. The last news story I saw showed the burnt out shell of Tripoli International, with a dozen airliners missing after a Jihadist Islamic Militia seized it.

    British Grandmothers and Soldiers are beheaded in Britain. Over a thousand British daughters were raped by “Asians” in Rotherham. And that is not the only British city where this has happened. The Jews that can flee Anti-Semitism in France are running to Israel and America. Dozens of Americans are joining ISIS and Al Shahaab.

    And the Iranian Centrifuges continue to spin. Even better, they are now our allies this week.

    Your daughter’s generation will have to fight, or she can submit.

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