Media Fuel of Spree Killers

Yankee Marshall says it best:

Now I won’t lie, I watched a bunch of this loser’s videos, and I skimmed his lame-ass manifesto. I do this for the same reason I read anti-gun blogs, twitter feeds, and pinterest accounts. I’m doing opposition research.

Now some interesting things I found about this case was while he was obviously mentally ill, he didn’t seem as barking insane as many of the other media-hype killers we have information on. Really the whole manefesto was a bed-to-bed story of much of his life talking about A) That he was a spoiled rich kid and got EVERYTHING he wanted, and when even the slightest moderation was shown to him he saw it as “Injustice”, and B) He wanted women to love him. Not just any women, but ONLY Hot young blonde women. Since he was a total asshole, people in general wanted nothing to do with him, and so he HATED them. Dude was a RAGING misogynist, yet he still wanted women to fawn over him because he had designer clothes, sunglasses, and expensive cars.

Also he has very detailed plans on his attack. Most of those details thankfully weren’t fulfilled. Reading his plans, it seems like the bulk of his concentration was on stabbing various people known to him, as well as torturing people to death. Like Columbine, the guns were never a major part of the plan, but they are the part that gets all the press. More on that later. Yankee Marshall is correct, he wanted fame from this.

And he got it, and he likely knew it, no matter how delusional he was. The Main Stream Media is talking about him because it is the perfect storm for them. He’s the son of a famous Hollywood director, he lived a wealthy and privileged life, and the victims were not inner-city gang members. Six people dead from gunshots and stabbing is commonplace in Chicago, Boston, LA, New Orleans, or any other city with a major gang population. It’s often not by one perpetrator, but the families of the dead don’t care, and the news doesn’t care because inner city violence is boring.

Now dispute this case being a guy planning on stabbing and torturing a ton of people, and his guns really being a secondary tool and exit point, all deaths and injuries are being cited as “Gun Death” by the Anti-Gun forces. There are already many politicians and lobby groups tat are rallying around this crime.

This means I feel obligated to talk about this story to point out what foolish crap their laws are. And so it goes.

I don’t see how we can end the media spectacle of it. We have a first Amendment, and I respect that, and I know how well stories like these drive ratings. We will never end the anti-gun ideology, but that’s easier. We haven’t eliminated the Ku Klux Klan, or the American Temperance Movement, but they are no longer serious groups. I suspect we have a bit of work yet, but the gun control ideology is soon to become that laughing stock with the others.

What we CAN do is fight against gun free zones. ALL of these fame-seeking killers chose places where they would have the ONLY gun. The Santa Barbara killer took steps to avoid police contact for as long as possible, because those were the ONLY other guns he would encounter. You do not see these attacks happening in places were concealed carry is common and allowed.

I really see it as the only angle. If these monsters factor in somebody like me returning fire before their plan even gets off the ground, I would suspect they’d do something different.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Media Fuel of Spree Killers

  1. Old NFO says:

    Usually they cap themselves or give up…

  2. Jack/OH says:

    I’m not sure if Ohio law has those marked “gun-free zones”, although there are plenty of retailers with those stickers showing gun silhouettes inside a circle-with-slash prohibition symbol. I’m not sure if those stickers have any legal meaning in Ohio (I suspect they do), but I’m confident they’re no deterrent to armed robbers.

    I’ve made these few comments here because a few weeks before the Santa Barbara stabbings and shootings, I may have thwarted a home invasion. 3:30 A. M. Loud banging on my door. Stranger, a young guy, asking awkward questions about a buddy, while reaching for the door knob. I was armed with a knife, blade extended, arm raised. I deflected his questions. He left. I was scared.

    I talked with myself the following days about buying a handgun, but decided again I wasn’t motivated enough to be a committed, proficient shooter.

    The genuinely grieving Mr. Martinez’s cartwheeling public statements against gun owners (that’s how I’m reading them) after the Santa Barbara killings seem to me so grasping, so presumptuous, so arrogant I wanted to weigh in with a few thoughts. Hat’s off to the gun folks out there. Jack/OH

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