More Bloomberg Nonsense

a new video is up from Everytown called “Not Our Words”

So we have a bunch of people who have been effected by criminals using guns. They’re stating gun-rights quotes, and then they’re regurgitating anti-gun boilerplate.

So interesting observations. We have Collin Goddard, formally of the Brady Campaign. I guess Bloomberg made him a better offer. AWESOME! I’m so glad the anti-gun groups are spending time and money fighting each-other. Of course we know Mr. Goddard was shot in the “Gun Free Zone” of Virginia Tech, he was shot with one or both of Cho’s guns which at the time of him getting shot had post-AWB 10-round magazines. Cho was adjudicated mentally ill, but the judge decided that even tho he was a danger to himself and others he was asked to get VOLUNTARY treatment. He elected to not get treatment, was NOT made a prohibited person, and in stead elected to break dozens of laws to kill 32 people and himself.

The other people aren’t mentioned by name, and I have no idea who they are. Is it safe to assume that the back stories of these other people are equally as useless to the gun-control arguments as Collin Goddard’s story?

Indeed, the pro-gun quotes are NOT their words…neither are the anti-gun points. They’re all reading from a script. Remember, while pro-gun groups are grass-roots and their leaders are speaking for the members. If they don’t speak for the members they get replaced. In anti-gun groups the “Members” who aren’t really members, but people selected for usefulness, and their desire to repeat the words of the leader. These are Michael Bloomberg’s words, and oddly Michael Bloomberg isn’t in the video, nor is his name ever mentioned even in the video’s credits. You see people don’t LIKE Michael Bloomberg, even anti-gun lefties don’t like him, because while they don’t like guns, they also don’t like Bloomberg’s desire to get into every other aspect of their lives.

Bloomberg got these people to speak for him because people don’t want to listen to him.

Last the talking points are hooey. Would Bloomberg’s proposed gun laws have protected any of these people? I can’t say for sure because I don’t know who they are, but for the ones I do know, I know they will not.

It is a shame that people are harmed illegally with guns, and every gun rights advocate wants to minimize this, but our methods are proven to work, while theirs are proven failures, and showing scars on your body won’t suddenly change that.

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  1. Cargosquid says:

    And of course…. comments are disables on Youtube.

  2. Maxwell says:

    “…showing scars on your body…”
    Most disturbing part of the video. This kid was shot, then brainwashed and/or bought into lobbying to expand and perpetuate the very system that left him utterly defenseless. One simply cannot reason with this level of stupidity.

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