Propaganda peices

Sometimes you have to be amazed at the amount of blind faith anti-gun people have in their failed ideology:

That is what finally happened with REDACTED, 22, after six more innocent people were slaughtered, the last four — including the shooter, wh o had to kill some people because he couldn’t get a date — with semiautomatic weapons that always make the killing good and fast.

And then the next paragraph:

You are already hearing that the background checks for which gun control advocates practically have to beg for in America really don’t work, because REDACTED passed background checks and purchased his SIG Sauers and Glock 34 legally. You are hearing that it’s a waste of time to put limits on magazines and ammunition, because here was this horny college kid with 41 10-round magazines in his possession; and that the killing started for REDACTED with him knifing three people to death.

It makes you think all over again that those who preach sanity on this subject are doing nothing but shouting at the ocean, or just trying to be heard over the sound of more gunfire.

So he killed six people, half of them with a knife, and I suspect THOSE killings took a lot less time than the shooting victims. Also several of the injured were hit with this dude’s car!

Still what are you wringing your hands about? YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED!!! California has a handgun “Safety” roster that meant these guns were kosher for California sale. They have an “Assault Weapons” ban so he didn’t have a scary looking rifle. They have magazine bans, so his ammo was all in politically correct 10-round boxes. They have the background checks and registration! They have their gun free zones so if this guy hadn’t suck-started his gun after he crashed his car they could have charged him with illegal carry!

But it does not change the fact that it is far too easy for these people to get guns, legally or illegally, especially the kinds of guns that REDACTED used to kill the people he killed and wound 13 others.

What “Kind of guns” are you prattling about now? Is it the fact that both of his guns were semi-auto that is now your issue? Do you want to tell me he would have done LESS damage if he had used only revolvers? Just owning guns is bad enough for him…or knives I guess.

He closes on a ridiculous one:

This is Memorial Day 2014 then. We mourn more dead college kids along with those who laid down their lives for our freedoms, mourn more innocents gunned down on the real modern battlefield:

The streets of the United States of America.

Yeah, except once you get away from places where your dream laws don’t exist, suddenly the shooting stops…well you’ll hear shots, but it’s just Americans having safe fun at ranges on their day off.

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11 Responses to Propaganda peices

  1. The_Jack says:

    Oh, but no one wants to ban guns.

    Gotta love his strawman: “Sure people are pointing out that this is a case where gun controlers got all the laws they wanted and a shooting still happened, and the poor gun controlers have to deal with THAT!”

  2. The_Jack says:

    Additionally: I’ve seen some antis crowing about “Where was the good guy with a gun who sopped this?”

    Now ignoring if the mutant offed himself when the police came, it really takes gall for the people who worked to make it impossible to carry in Santa Barbra (unless you’re rich and connected!) now gloat about how there wasn’t anyone carrying.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    “Yeah, except once you get away from places…” Uh, no. You see, while all the Antis were Blood Dancing over the fact that some spoiled Hollywood Brat went on his Temper Tantrum Shooting Spree (which a simple 911 call from Mommy and Daddy to check out his Apartment could have stopped cold), there was an “Incident” in Ohio. You know, the State with Castle Doctrine, Shall Issue, and Open Carry? MY State?

    Well, it seems, that in Toledo, on SUNDAY at 3pm, TEN guys pulled up on a street in a “Predominately Black Neighborhood,” stood in front of a house, and proceeded to Open Fire like it was a Spaghetti Western. One Dead, Two Critical. Oh, and the Police are wringing their hands about how they “Can’t get any Witnesses to talk to the Police because of fear of Gang Retaliation.” Details are in your Inbox.

    But the Bigger Picture is this: Even with all the Pro-Gun Laws available, the Laws don’t mean a Damn Thing unless one is WILLING to take Advantage of them. However, the Antis will use ANY Excuse they can to repeal those Laws. So, if one has decided to be a Sheeple, one can Die thinking “But THEY Passed a Law to Stop this!” But that’s not as Bad as sitting around while Death Squads take over your Neighborhood, and one HAS the Legal Right to Fight Back.

    And they don’t. Food for thought.

  4. Jack/OH says:

    Sumptuary laws. Trust me–the anti-gun people oppose guns for you, for me (I’m a non-gun owning 2nd Amendment guy), for the scared black guy in the ‘hood, for the Scots-Irish guy in the trailer home, and on.

    The most nose-bleedingly stringent gun laws imagined by the anti-gun people will–I guarantee it–allow them to overcome suffocating regulation so that they’ll have the right to purchase handguns and ammunition they’ve denied to the rest of us.

    Sumptuary laws again. Take a close look at some of the anti-gun arguments and you’ll smell the elitist “good for me, but not for thee” style of argument. Jack/OH

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  6. Joseph in IL says:

    I suppose pointing out that he had multiple mental health issues and got no help for it (and even reported to the court who failed to pass that info on to the feds and state) were the major contributing factors to this tragedy.

    So, when are they going to call for knife control legislation? After all, their primary function is to kill per the function that most of them are built.

  7. Towerclimber37 says:

    Oh the hue and cry.
    Liberals in California have removed all responsibility for self protection from the individual, even though an individual is the ONLY one that an ensure their own security. They have foisted it off on “society” and their ideology is failing them.
    they limit the law abiding citizens’ ability to protect themselves while allowing the criminal to use ANY means that they care to use to to assault those citizens.
    Their laws ensure that no one CAN protect themselves and yet the problem is the tools that are used.
    yeah no.

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