Quote of the Day: Roadkill

This is too good not to get it’s own post:

Though it really makes me think. What would it be like if the shooting industry was infiltrated and co-opted by feminism?

Note that Ms. Sarkeesian claims that any instance of a Damsel in Distress in a video game is “Objectification” and “Sexism”, yet the MOMENT she was “Threatened” (Scare quotes, because I’ve had similar threats leveled against me, and even worse than what I’ve read about…tho not the volume. Still I never took them seriously that my life may be in danger) she calls on men who are complete strangers to her to protect her. This isn’t even the video game trope where friends and loved ones come running to the rescue. When the strangers point out that if they make the “Safety” concessions she requests she desires they would be breaking the law and would face punishment she takes her ball and goes home. She doesn’t continue her alleged heart-felt fight. She doesn’t change the venue to a location where gun laws prohibit turning away the lawfully armed. (Look at the video I posted in the linked post, she wasn’t giving her talk in a massive lecture hall, or an arena, she was in a damn BARN. She could easily move to any number of private venues to seat that number of people).

Now compare that with the REAL Feminists in the gun world. People like Kay and Lena Miculek.

Molly Minute, Kathy Jackson and Julie Golob. This is NOT an exclusive list, as the number of strong women in the shooting and gun-rights world. The list is literally too long to name everybody.

Compare and contrast:

Now compared to these women on both sides I’m a damn nobody. Can you believe that the pro-gun women haven’t received threats like Ms. Sarkeesian did? I doubt it. Yet these women know that if the off chance that the treat is credible they have the power to fight back. After that they simply keep going about their day like nothing happened. I mean has everybody who’s been raped, assaulted, or murdered been given the luxury of first getting a threat before the attack? So a day where you’ve been threatened by an anonymous person on the internet is really no different than a day when you have not seen any hostile activity.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Feminism is loud and proud in the gun industry, it just isn’t the kind of Feminism that “Progressive” preach, and they HATE that.

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  1. LMB says:

    Exactly. Anita isn’t about feminism, she’s about lining her pockets. Period.

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