Quote of the Day: Smart Gun

I don’t think this quote is because they don’t get it, but they want US to be mislead:

“Right now, unfortunately, these organizations that are scaring everybody have the power,” Ms. Padilla said. “All we’re doing is providing extra levels of safety to your individual right to bear arms. And if you don’t want our gun, don’t buy it. It’s not for everyone.”

No, its not for everyone. From the wikipedia page:

The Armatix iP1 weighs 518 grams (18.3 oz) without a loaded magazine. The pistol is chambered in .22 LR caliber and is fed via a 10-round detachable box magazine with an effective fire range of 75 yards (69 m). Other features of the handgun include an electronic magazine disconnect, color coded safety, integrated grip safety, and an interface for additional applications such as a camera.

10 shot .22 LR that isn’t based on any other existing design is at best a plinker, and at $1800, in a world where similar guns sell for under $400 new even that doesn’t make sense. Also note the electronic magazine disconnect. I assume this means if the battery dies or discharges due to software issues the gun becomes a brick. Awesome for self-defense!

Still “not for everyone” is the key, since the anti-gun forces want this to be the ONLY gun sold!

In the Documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” the documentarians discuss GM’s refusal to renew leases on the Saturn EV1, and how they simply crushed all of them. While they do a great job documenting the politics surrounding the introduction of these cars, they seem to ignore the implications. While the Saturn EV1s were being test-drove Congress were discussing laws MANDATING certain numbers of Zero Emission cars to be sold in an ever increasing percentage, similar to the equally similar CAFE standards.

Given the number of zero-emission cars out on the roads right now, you can see what GM saw. These cars were a niche product, but one they would be MANDATED to sell in increasing amounts, so they scrapped the project and the bill withered on the vine.

Armatix knows that if they fully roll out this gun it could become the ONLY gun legally sold in America, which is BIG money for them, and bad for EVERYBODY.

Thanks, but no thanks!

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5 Responses to Quote of the Day: Smart Gun

  1. TS says:

    “Zero emissions”. Yeah, my car is zero emulsions too… when parked in the garage, which is when the EV1 and Nissan Leaf are NOT zero emissions.

    It’s amazing how environmentalist can view incandescent light bulbs as contributing to global warming, but an electric car is “hey, free energy!”

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh MAN good point on that! I’d never thought about the Irony of Incandescent bulbs being so horrible wastes of energy….but a 4,000 pound 2+2 Sedan that needs to be government subsidized (the Chevy Volt) is the pinacle of green energy!

      BTW just looked it up, The Volt is 3,800lbs, and my Ford Edge that seats 5 in STUPID comfort (the back seat in this thing is better than a Lincoln Town car, or any Caddy Sedan I’ve sat in) PLUS has a massive cargo area in the back, weighs 4,000lbs!

      The Leaf (which isn’t a bad car for what it is) weighs 3,300! Its a niche car, but they aren’t exactly efficient being as heavy as they are, and again, when our power all comes from coal, you aren’t exactly lowering CO2 Emissions.

      • TS says:

        I actually ran the calculation myself to see what the carbon output of these electric cars are compared to regular cars. I accounted for everything I could think of that I can look up (energy to refine oil, percentages of power sources for the grid including ‘green power’ and nuclear, transmission line losses, etc.). I took Kw/hr/mile figures from forums where owners put a meter on their car charger and tracked mileage. Using the national average for electrical production the Tesla Model S comes out to the equivalent of a 38mpg combined car (for CO2 only- didn’t look at NOx, HCs, etc.). It’s good, especially considering how big and fast the car is, but it’s not the best, and it’s certainly not “zero”. The Leaf is actually quite a bit better because it is designed for economy and not performance. That came out to 72mpg equivalent. That’s tops for the US, but some of those micro diesels in Europe can break 80mpg (but in a smaller package).

        The problem with this type of figure is that using a national average for energy production is not the reality of what happens when you plug in an electric car. This is a choice to not spend petrol liquid fuel based energy, and instead shift that energy demand to the electric grid. The wind doesn’t blow a little harder when someone plugs in their Tesla, nor does the sun shine brighter when they plug in a Leaf. This new demand is made up by fossil fuels. The reality is some coal plant is going to fire a bit more if you are on the east coast, and a natural gas plant will do it if you are in the west. I don’t have experience with nuclear plants, but I don’t think they operate on grid demand the way coal/nat gas plants do. I think they operate for a whole host of other reasons that have nothing to do with demand, and I don’t think they modulate as well anyway. It’s really the presence of nukes that make the above calculation come out better for electrics, so it’s quite ironic when the same “zero emissions car” supporters are trying to shut down nukes. When looking at coal energy alone, a Tesla has the CO2 output of a 22mpg gasoline car. That’s pretty much average. The Leaf is at 41.

        • Geodkyt says:

          Actually, the real final impact of a “plug-in” electrical car is the cost of the dirtiest surge power source that has to maintained on the grid, not the average power source.

          You see, if you add 10 GW to the grid’s requirements by adding plug in electrics that consume those 10 GWs, that’s 10 GWs of teh filthiest coal plant brought on for peak surge, that cannot be left off-line because of your “green” car.

  2. Textopcat says:

    When all federal law enforcement carry only this gun, especially the secret service, then I might consider it for purchase. Otherwise, they have no value. I will keep my Glocks.

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