Some DGUs and The Narrative

One from Sean a black woman who was working a double shift was attacked outside her home. She defended herself, and the wounded assailents were apprehended.

The Second Via Hot Air

Officials say the man knocked on the couple’s back door around 1:30 a.m. Thursday screaming “My wife is hurt, my wife is hurt. Please help!” When 70-year-old Sarah Hudgins opened the door, the man, wearing a ski mask and all black, attacked her grabbing her throat and pushing her inside.

The husband, who officials say is fighting a battle with cancer, came out and pointed a loaded gun at the suspect and was able to scare him off and out of the house.

Go follow the links and watch the videos. Do these stories fit the narrative? Do these look like fat angry white men with racist tendencies to you? I’ll also note that the woman probably lives in a so-called “Bad Neighborhood”, which is generally where anti-rights advocates focus their efforts to make sure people can’t have guns.

The cancer patient who defended himself and his wife without firing a shot is probably on all sorts of medications, and looks really bad. I hope he manages to beat cancer as much as he fended off these thugs. Still you can see the antis not wanting this gentleman to have a gun either! He’s old, He’s sick, he’s on medications! HE’S Dangerous! Except he managed to get his gun when he saw trouble, and keep his head with him and NOT SHOOT when it wasn’t needed.

Also I suspect all parties are not of affluent means, meaning that all the latest joys of anti-rights activism would effect them the most. Expensive permits, taxes, training classes, expensive sci-fi guns. All of these laws and pipe dreams might very well have prevented these people from being armed when they most needed it.

The woman from Detroit would have been chalked up as another “Gun Death” and used to push FURTHER gun control, and of course the elderly couple would have been easy pickings for even this unarmed man looking to do violence, and that case would be ignored.

This is exactly what anti-rights advocates DON’T EVER Want to see! Me? I celebrate their ability to not be victims, and fighting crime by showing criminals their chosen vocation is NOT a safe one.

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5 Responses to Some DGUs and The Narrative

  1. divemedic says:

    Except that using a gun to defend oneself and not killing anyone does not count as a DGU, as far as the antis are concerned.

  2. Bob S. says:


    Here is another one that doesn’t fit the narrative; happened down in Houston.

    Woman is trying to get her purse back from a purse snatcher when a Concealed Handgun License Holder steps up and intervenes. Stops the crime, holds the criminals until the police show up and no one hurt.

  3. Kip Hackman says:

    That cancer patient should have shot that son of a bitch. Break into my home and cause harm to my wife? You’ve crossed the threshold and sealed your fate.

  4. That Guy says:

    The anti-gun forces would rather see that sweet old couple dead, instead of able to defend themselves.

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