Today We Remember

It’s Memorial Day, and while it is a well-needed day off from the hustle and bustle, and generally good summer weather for cookouts and picnics, we must remember why we have this day, and how potentially we might not.

Hopefully I’m not being too trite, but this weekend the wife and I got a chance to watch Captain Phillips while the grandparents took care of LaWeer’da. It was a really good movie. My take away was it pissed me off how defenseless the crew of the ship was left to the pirates, and an unarmed vessel can easily fall prey to a savage rabble or disorganized and starving pirates. Thankfully the shipping companies have changed their policy and vessels in dangerous waters have security teams which seem to be working quite well.

My wife really enjoyed all the scenes with the SEAL team working, and offhandedly remarked that we’d probably be better served by simply having more SEAL, Special Forces, and CIA teams doing much of the work of our military rather than the general armed forces. She had a point, but she also missed a point. Much of what our military has been ACTIVELY doing has been getting involved in wars on behalf of other people.

But these battles involve OTHER people being invaded, and other people being oppressed. Why hasn’t that happened to us? Simple, lots of nations would LOVE the US to be a colony for their nation, but we have brave men and women that make that an impossibility. We have shown our force, and many have died in doing so, and really that IS why we are free.

So today I enjoy the good weather, and the time off, but I don’t forget WHY!

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