Us Vs. Them

This is a really powerful news report.

FOX Carolina 21

I generally cringe when I see a defensive shooter agree to give an interview. God forbid I’m ever involved in a shooting, and God forbid the press wants to talk to me about it, they can talk to my lawyer. Often you’ll have reporters ask to see the gun used, and cut what is likely an hour-long interview into the most cringe-worthy bits. Still not only does this CCW holder not look like some geared-up stereotype, but he conducted himself VERY admirably in the interview.

Still the most important thing was how he conducted himself in the shooting. He stayed collected, and acted when he got a chance. Not sure where he got his mindset, but he reminds me of this article by Kathy Jackson:

I will not go anywhere at gunpoint. If the bad guy wants me to go somewhere else, it’s because he will be able to do something to me there that he is unwilling or unable to do to me right here, right now. Therefore no matter how bad the tactical situation seems right here and now, right here and now is the absolute best chance to fight back I will ever have and I intend to use it.

…I will not kneel. No one is going to execute me. If I die, I’ll die fighting.

Go read the whole thing if you haven’t. This was the first thing that popped into my mind watching the video because her writing is so powerful.

Now onto the departed’s family. Sorry, but he came into a restaurant armed with a gun, and had the gun out. If he didn’t plan on killing anybody, why did he bring a deadly weapon, and threaten people with it? Somebody has a gun and is making threats with it, I’m going to take them at their word, and since it only takes a moment to USE that gun (or knife, or club, ect) I’m going to use my moments to fight back because they may be my last.

Also I love how the news crew tracked down his trainer and showed him the unedited video. Yeah they think the training wasn’t enough, this trainer, who’s also a cop, doesn’t think so. Oh and the family also thinks this thug was a nice little boy.

I’d say your judgement is suspect.

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4 Responses to Us Vs. Them

  1. Geodkyt says:

    Yup. When someone presents plausibly lethal force while committing an act of aggression, they are saying quite clearly, “I will kill you if you do not do X.

    The proper way to punctuate this sentance is with a period immediatly preceding teh word “if“.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, if somebody pulls a knife or gun or other deadly tool and says “Give me Your Wallet or I will Kill You!” or anything to that effect, you really need to think about it.

      They have a deadly weapon. They have the means to USE that deadly weapon. They have threatened you with said deadly weapon.

      How does handing over your wallet or some other item change any of those facts?

      It doesn’t! Now SHOOTING them, or otherwise fighting back CAN change the scenario greatly….

  2. divemedic says:

    During a meeting several weeks ago, Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said he wished the customer would’ve called 911 so deputies could handle the situation, but that didn’t happen. Quote from here:

    • Weerd Beard says:

      What kind of response time are they boasting? Not like the robber wasted much time pointing that gun at people. Also I’m SURE the robber would see somebody talking into a cell phone and say “Oh I better not disturb them, they are obviously making a personal call!”

      I’m all for calling 911 ASAP, but I will have a gun in my other hand, or if I happen to be disarmed by law I will be in what I consider a safe place. The LAST thing I want is an armed attacker seeing that I’m the dude calling the cops to apprehend him!

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