Why Do You Need Large Magazines?

Because predators can hunt in packs!

Authorities say one person has been killed and three others are hurt after what is believed to be a gang-related shooting on a street in Toledo.

Police say that a group of about 10 men walked up to a house in central city and started firing Sunday around 3 p.m.

Police say one person was killed, two were in serious condition at Toledo Hospital and another suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

ABOUT 10 attackers, that could be more, that could be less. Still assuming it was EXACTLY 10, using politically correct 10-round magazines one would need 100% stopping accuracy to quickly stop all attackers. Of course 100% simply doesn’t exist in reality, as does the fallacy of the one-shot-stop, so this would require a reload if the magazine was limited to 10.

Meanwhile the attackers are acting in a group. So why put violent criminals at an advantage?

Because being anti-gun means being pro-criminal!


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4 Responses to Why Do You Need Large Magazines?

  1. AuricTech says:

    Back in January 2013, I pointed out on my sleepy little blog that law enforcement officers, who generally have backup personnel available (either right there with them or at least just a radio call and a few minutes away), are generally exempt from magazine-limit laws, and therefore use standard-capacity magazines. Meanwhile, free private citizens, who are expected to obey arbitrary magazine-capacity limits, generally don’t have backup ready-to-hand, yet might have to deal with multiple assailants. I further pointed out that criminals can also arrange to have backup available (the issue you just pointed out*). As I asked back then:

    That being the case, why should free citizens be denied the standard-capacity magazines that LEO carry?

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone address this question, given how I framed it, although I would expect the “Only Ones” crowd to have all kinds of rationalizations. Of course, I wouldn’t expect them to have logical arguments to rebut my statements, but they would have rationalizations aplenty….

    *To be fair, someone carrying one pistol with a 10-round magazine could afford to have one assailant require two shots for the stop (full magazine and one in the chamber), without having to load another magazine, assuming all the other assailants were stopped by one round each. If the private citizen had good fortune on his side, a couple of assailants might, upon seeing the first few of their fellow miscreants go down as one-shot stops, decide that they had somewhere else to be, and depart the area with alacrity.

    OTOH, it’s also quite possible that some of the assailants, upon seeing some of their misbegotten brethren come under fire, might just open semi-aimed fire at their intended target, using pistols loaded with non-compliant magazines (because “criminals”). Said assailants would likely be unconcerned about collateral damage, such as who might be hit by bullets that miss their intended target. Why, some might ask, would people open fire without any regard for innocent human life? The most succinct answer is “because they’re criminals”!

    • james Doesky says:

      You’re definitely on point for the best answer to this all to frequent question by the accusatory media. Over the past 2 years I have NEVER heard any of the “experts” on our side on TV answer along these lines.

      The answer is very simple…..
      1) Have you ever seen a bunch of police/SWAT members lined up outside a building ready to go in after ONE person
      2) Even though the police outnumber the bad guy 20-to-1 you can be sure that almost exclusively all those police people wearing bullet proof armor are also carrying AR’s with 30 round mags
      3)Those police organizations have made the decision that a 30 round magazine maximizes their opportunity for survival.
      4) Therefore if I am awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of an unknown number of assailants why shouldn’t I be allowed to arm myself with that same 30 round magazine to maximize my chance of survival?

  2. Bryan says:

    Police respond to 911 calls by citizens. If the police need a certain bit of gear upon responding after the fact or later in the act…then said citizen certainly needed it about the time they called.

    So…can you see why an officer might need the most capacity he/she can get in a magazine? Then you see why a citizen might need the same. Can you see why officers prefer to have AR-15’s in squad cars for defense? Then you can see why I prefer to have an AR-15 in my home for defense. Same reasons.

  3. Sparafucile says:

    Predators don’t just come in the two-legged variety, either.

    2:45 am, on a street in a small mountain town, I came across a passed-out man on the sidewalk. The only thing protecting him from a large pack of lunging coyotes was a Jack Russell Terrier. Then, it was me, and my M1 Carbine and 15-rd mag, before the Sheriff’s Deputy whom I called arrived.

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