Yet Another Zero Tolerance Stupidity

Whole University Shut Down for a pellet rifle:

Baltimore County police found a pellet gun in a vehicle Monday afternoon at Stevenson University in Owings Mills while they were investigating a report of a person with a long gun on campus.

The school, just northwest of Baltimore, had been placed on lockdown for several hours after police received a 911 call reporting that two people had seen what they thought was a person with a gun. That call came in at about 2:20 p.m. on Monday, and school officials issued an alert via the university’s Web site that said an “active shooter” was reported on campus and urging the campus community to “shelter in place until further notice.”

So an entire school was brought to a halt. Note that this is a college campus where people pay VERY non-trivial amounts of money to take classes. People where held in classrooms (unknown if students were still allowed to take the “Risk” to leave if they so desired), and these people were told that there was an “Active Shooter”, which thanks to our media circus is a VERY terrifying thing to hear while you’re sitting in class. Double so for those people who are concerned about their safety, and have taken steps to that, only do be disarmed by Maryland State law, and school policy.

Further this report went out over news wires where family and loved ones of students on campus were told that the school was locked down due to an “Active Shooter”.

There was no gun, and there were no shots fired. There comes a point where “Better Safe than Sorry” does more harm than good.
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  1. bluesun says:

    At my school in Montana the dorms had a big gun safe to hold students’ rifles…

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