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When the Social Justice Warriors Take Over the Schools

Especially love that it’s a Math class

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Gunblog Variety Cast, Episode 64

Back to the usual format this week! Show notes here, show below! Also I’m really glad to see The Yankee Marshal as our Special Guest! I’m a HUGE fan of that guy! Enjoy!

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Music Dump: Under the Influence

No, not me, but these songs seem particularly….inspired. That is some good times right there….and my playlist while I was cooking lunch. Thankfully the Daughter didn’t ask me to explain the lyrics….especially track 3 that has just ONE word I … Continue reading

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Well That Was a Pleasant Suprise

Got talking with a coworker about people getting geeked out by certain types of food, and really screwing themselves over. The best example is pig’s feet. Probably the best meat on a pig is between his toes….but most people aren’t … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast: Something A Little Different

So this week things went a little sideways. A bunch of us were tied up with various stuff, so Sean decided to take a hiatus. But does that mean no show? NEGATIVE GHOSTRIDER!!! Nope we had a bank show from … Continue reading

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