When the Social Justice Warriors Take Over the Schools

Especially love that it’s a Math class

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  1. Divemedic says:

    That is more true than you know. I caught a kid this week who was using his cell phone during a test. I was told by administration that this ins’t cheating unless I actually saw the student using it to Google answers.
    I was also informed that a teacher whose students all have As in the course is a good teacher, but one with students who all have Cs and Ds (like Me) is not a good teacher. I pointed out that my kids are not turning in their assignments, and that is the reason for the poor grades. I also pointed out that my students are outperforming the students of the other teacher on standardized tests.
    That, I was told, is immaterial.
    The system is set up to force teachers to allow cheating, and to simply hand out As and Bs. The parents want good grades so their children can get scholarships to college. Those who refuse are forced out.
    Education is doomed.

  2. Jack/OH says:

    Divemedic, I work at an open-admissions state university. You’re telling me something I don’t know? It’s all about “social equilibrium” or “social homeostasis” (my made-up phrases). Do what you gotta do to keep the federal dollars rolling in to the glorified young adult day care centers a lot of people call universities.

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