A Leopard Can’t Change His Spots

I really hate it when people claim that the penal system is also a rehabilitation system for criminals to turn their lives around:

Three ex-inmates released from a budget-squeezed Ohio jail over the weekend have already been arrested on new charges.

The three were among 71 inmates allowed to leave the Summit County Jail Sunday by Sheriff Steve Barry because of budget cuts he says are restricting his ability to safely run the facility.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports one man was arrested Sunday night on a theft charge after claiming he couldn’t pay an Akron restaurant tab because he forgot his money.

The report says the man was sentenced for similar schemes in the past.

A second man was charged with drug paraphernalia possession after police in suburban Barberton said he was revived after a heroin overdose.

Now thankfully none of these people were violent offenders. I’m of course one of those guys who sees the “War on Drugs” as not only a lost “war” but something that does far more harm than simply letting people drug themselves to whatever state they want. The dude who was jailed after a Heroin OD is obviously a junkie, so when he got out, he went back to his habits. Sounds like he has a serious problem, but I doubt the court systems alone will get him off the H-Train, that’s something he needs to figure out on his own…or not and die of another OD…I could care less!

The other two inmates are thieves, I don’t know how to handle this, as we can’t just go executing them or cutting off their hands like they do in Islamic states, and if we locked them up for a long-weekend, or 2 years, chances are they will either decide for themselves if stealing is still worth it. Again, personal choice, not the penal system.

Still a great story that illustrates how the criminal class operates.


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  1. Gecko says:

    Perhaps the states could ask the insurance companies for contributions to keep the worst offenders in jail. After all, they are the ones who will have to pay off the claims of the victims.

    An ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure. A crime spree by one guy can result in thirty or forty crimes is a month, with property damage, criminal losses (theft), and medical expenses from assault. And the paperwork isn’t free either – they could save money on staff, in addition to the other losses prevented.

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