Again Anti-Freedom, not Anti Gun

Sounds like a VERY good law will be presented in Wisconsin:

A Wisconsin lawmaker has proposed repealing Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period to buy a handgun, calling the inconvenience of having to return later to pick up the weapon a “time tax,” reports Channel 3000.

Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) is circulating a bill to eliminate the requirement enacted to allow for time to run background checks as well as for a “cooling off” period designed to help guard against acts of impulsive violence by purchasers.

OK more like a law that corrects a TERRIBLE law.

“Generally within the hour, they know whether or not someone can purchase the firearm, and by that time, you’re about finished up with your purchases in the store,” Wanggaard said. “This just doesn’t make any sense to keep this restriction on the books.”

Wanggaard calls the 48-hours waiting period a “time tax.”

Yep, NICS checks frequently take less than an hour to perform, once the shop gets the OK there’s nothing new that will be uncovered in the remaining 47 hours. The “Cooling Off Period” is nothing short of a lie. When the Brady Bill was first passed it was done 100% on paper via post mail. It took DAYS for a background check to be performed because requests and responses needed to hand carried by postal workers between the gun shops and law enforcement. A 7-Day waiting period was added to the law in case paperwork was mishandled by incompetence or malice. Don’t hear back in 7 days, you get your gun.

Then the FBI National Instant Check System (NICS) was invented, and everything could be done over the phone line, and what took a week, now takes less than an hour. Of course that 7-Day waiting period was a bother, and a chilling effect on lawful gun owners, so the anti-gun cult invented the “Cooling Off Period”. They cooked up a fictitious story of somebody getting mad at somebody else, walking past the kitchen knives, the blunt instruments, to their car filled with flammable gasoline, grasping the wheel with their fists, operating the petals with their booted feet, driving at deadly speed to a gun shop to buy a gun to return home and shoot somebody.

See what I did there?

Of course there was NEVER anything about “Cooling off”, first up, most killers have had their gun for a long time before they shoot anybody, all the spree killers we read about in the news acquired their guns weeks, months, or years before the deadly event, and this applies to ALL GUN SALES. So somebody like me, might walk into a Wisconsin gun shop WITH A GUN ON THEIR HIP, and several guns at home in their safe…but still need to “Cool Off”. Yeah, that makes PERFECT sense.

According to domestic violence groups, the waiting period is necessary to protect potential victims, allowing them time to seek assistance or help from authorities.

“You have to ask yourself if someone wants a gun instantaneously or within an hour or two, why do they really need it that quickly?” said Tony Gibart, with End Domestic Violence Wisconsin. “It seems if someone needs it very quickly, chances are they are up to no good.”

Gee thanks, End Domestic Violence Wisconsin. Have you ever thought that maybe the VICTIM of domestic violence might want a gun? I’ve known several people who got into bad relationships, they didn’t get into them to be beaten, and threatened, they found out about that later, and it took time to realize that what at first just seemed like a “bad day” for their partner, was an ongoing escalating event of violence. Maybe they even did the right thing and packed their bags and left…only to be stalked by their ex.

Not everybody who has a gun got into it in the fun hobby-oriented way, some people got their first gun as a reaction to a potentially life-threatening event. Of course End Domestic Violence Wisconsin thinks that even those people are “up to no good”, because ANY gun ownership is “No Good” to “Progressives”.

Wangaard — a former police investigator — dismisses those concerns, saying there are no restrictions on long guns and other items that can be used as weapons to assault someone.

“There’s also no waiting period on knives and edged weapons and a lot of homicides occur that way,” he explained. “Are we going to put a 48-hour waiting period on a set of kitchen utensils or baseball bats?”

Have you ever noticed that when a cop says something anti-gun their opinion is infallible, but when a law enforcement officer says something pro-gun, their opinion is garbage! His points of course are very valid, I mentioned the little story above on how many deadly weapons the average person ALREADY has, plus this waiting period is ONLY for handguns. So the domestic abuser could easily buy a rifle, shotgun, or carbine, and walk out that day to shoot somebody…not that that happens.

A local gun seller is not entirely supportive of Wangaard’s bill, calling the waiting period “just part of business.”

According to Brett Fankhauser, owner of Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center, his customers might enjoy the instant gratification of walking out the door with their handgun purchase, but he has some reservations.

“I would say yes for the fact that I wouldn’t want someone to buy a gun here and run off out the door and hurt somebody or themselves,” Fankhauser said. “There’s that aspect that as a guy that sells guns, I don’t ever want someone to get hurt with one I sell.”

Well thanks, dummy! So you LIKE the waiting period, because it is might prevent somebody from “running out the door and hurting somebody”, but you’ll still sell them a long-gun and let them leave, or a knife, or even a can of gun cleaner they could drink in the parking lot. Also I’m sure this dude runs a shop like everybody else, there are customers who are in every week or two buying ammo, and looking to see what’s new in stock. Mr. Fankhauser probably even knows many of them by name, and can recall the last few purchases they made. In other-words he KNOWS they have guns at home, so if their intent was hurting somebody, they’d have already done that, but HEY let’s make them wait…because reasons.

Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center sounds like an AWESOME place to drive right by on way to spending money at a gun shop with common sense.

Again, this isn’t about safety, because any story the antis can cook up as to why waiting periods are good ideas quickly fall apart when the reality of the American Lawful Gun Owners is placed in the story. Really this is glorification of anything that hassles lawful gun owners, because they aren’t anti-gun they’re anti-freedom.

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  1. Jack/OH says:

    ” . . . [C]ooked up a fictitious story . . . .” I’m not sure I’ve heard a single story of somebody breaking off from a bad quarrel to rush to the gun shop, buy a weapon, then return to assault the other guy or gal. Maybe it’s happened, and I just haven’t heard about it. (Unlawful retaliation with a weapon that’s already owned by the perp? Yeah.)

    Tony Gibart’s speculation is rubbish. If someone wants a hamburger “instantaneously”, do we go on about how he’s likely an idiot who wants to kill himself with artery-clogging cholesterol? If someone wants a restaurant meal served to him after “an hour or two”, do we presume there’s something wrong with the patron if he gets angry that he can’t get what’s on the menu when he has the money to pay for it?

    Also, the anti-rights people can’t have it both ways. You can’t hurl a mess of cumbersome bureaucratic obstacles in the path of firearms ownership, then prissily declare those same obstacles are no bar to legitimate firearms ownership.

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