Another Podcast Dump

They deserve their own posts, but I haven’t been feeling well, so they’re lumped together.
Chester and I got all Road-Gunny, I guess it was really long, and people enjoyed it.

And we had an unusual Squirrel Report. Jay JUST got in from a work assignment, so was too tired to SQRPT, and Breda was feeling under the weather, so Sean from The Gun Blog Variety Cast stepped up, and did an amazing job.

Also Since Sean is a big fan of the show, and he and Alan take audio quality VERY seriously, they talked a long talk about making the show sound better in post-production. I won’t be listening to the MP3 because I already heard it live, but if you’re one of the majority who SQRPT in recorded format, let us know if it sounds any better, worse, or more-or-less the same from your end!Q


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