Anti-Rights Logical Disconnect

It really boils down to how the mind works. I’m a logical person, but I’m not an android. I’ve felt anxious when all was going well. I’ve felt like everybody was staring at that zit on my forehead, when likely nobody cared. I’ve been angry and frustrated with people when I was hungry or overtired. I’ve felt 100% confident in my abilities while I’ve failed at a task.

Emotions are fallible…hell just talk to anybody with clinical depression, or listen to an interview with somebody who’s one of the most talented people in the world in a field, and listen to them talk down their skill.

I feel the emotions, but I don’t necessarily trust them, and I default to the logical solution. There are of course some people who have no use for logic, and live on their emotions alone:

I know that my views on the subject of guns and gun violence do not mesh much at all with the gun rights extremists or those who believe in the fear created by the corporate gun lobby. Yes, of course, many people own guns for self defense and for hunting and enjoy them for sport. It becomes a family affair to go hunting every year and my family also did that. I grew up around hunting and hunting guns. I didn’t grow up around fear and paranoia or in a neighborhood where a lot of crime happened. No one in my house talked about needing a gun for self defense. But the violence that comes when some who own guns for self defense in their homes use them for murder has affected my family. I do know that fear. I know the fear of losing someone close to me because of someone who feared others. I know the pain of a phone call telling me that my only sister had been shot to death by her estranged husband, someone who loved his guns.

So first up, notice that she never even considers that if her sister had been armed maybe things would have worked out for her in the better. They certainly couldn’t have gone worse. Of course Joan simply blames the guns, rather than the fact that her only sister was in a horrible abusive relationship with a mentally ill sociopath, and she did NOTHING. Also nice how she simply implies that the wealthy, politically connected, mentally ill man is really exactly like you or I. If you love guns, you’ll probably end up killing your wife, and then yourself! Hell it’s only a matter of time.

Just think of that! She’s implying that anybody who has, enjoys, or uses guns, is dangerous….and then WE’RE the paranoid ones.

An author, Susan Straight, wrote this piece about her husband’s love of guns and what that did to her family. I like this piece because it expresses the differing views about guns that exist all around us. We seem to live in two different worlds and can’t agree on what we should be doing to keep our communities safe from gun violence. One side, represented by a minority, believe that guns everywhere are safe and there should be no restrictions or, apparently no common sense when it comes to lethal weapons.

Which one is the fear spreading lobby? Hear that, “There is no common sense when it comes to lethal weapons.” never mind all the countless laws, all the organizations that teach responsible and safe gun ownership, the blogs and podcasts like I do to make sure that people are having a safe and fun time.

Oh and of course the linked article is just a fear-laden diatribe from a woman who hates guns, married to a shooter, and besides from some lax storage issues, NOTHING BAD HAPPENS! Hell even some GOOD things happen in her account that she spins as bad.

Anti-Gunners live in a world where NOTHING can justify owning a gun. You can talk all you want about self defense, sport shooting, collecting, and family history, but those will be ignored, imaginary worst case scenarios will be applied, and again we’ll be at the name-calling of being “Paranoid”.

Hell we’re just a minority in their eyes because that’s how they FEEL!

Also this ties in well with a man who keeps an armed security team around him and his acolytes railing against armed security teams.

We are up against a bunch of mental deficients who think the world disappears when they close their eyes. No wonder they are losing…and no wonder they think they’re winning! 🙂

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3 Responses to Anti-Rights Logical Disconnect

  1. Cargosquid says:

    And, in her eyes, if we are a “minority,” our views should be discounted.

    How…… fascistic.

  2. TS says:

    Japete: ” We seem to live in two different worlds and can’t agree on what we should be doing to keep our communities safe from gun violence.”

    The world is never going to agree on anything, Japete. So why not let people make their own choices? Nobody is forcing you to get a gun.

    • Braden Lynch says:

      That’s our whole argument. Leave us alone. Let us own guns in complete peace and there will be very few problems. We do not obligate her in any way to own guns.

      If her desires for unspecified “common sense” restrictions are realized, she will infringe on the rights of all Americans. I sparred with her ages ago about how many rounds I should be allowed to have for my self-defense and it revealed much about her warped attitude.

      I’m better morally than her though. I detest all unnecessary violence, not just “gun violence” which is strangely and improperly specific. As a matter of fact, my firearms serve a noble purpose of keeping my family safe.

      I’m sorry for her loss, but the man killed her sister, not the gun. She needs to get a grip on reality.

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