“Gun Death” Don’t Mess With a Man’s Daughter

Not a sad one:

n Indian father has told MailOnline how he tortured and murdered his 14-year-old daughter’s rapist – who also got her pregnant in a sickening attack.

The 36-year-old father lured the suspected rapist to his Delhi home and cooked him dinner before slipping him a sleeping pill, torturing him and killing him.

He said: ‘Initially, I didn’t want to kill him and asked him to quietly leave my home and life but he taunted me. I became very, very angry and lost my mind.

‘I wrapped a towel around his neck and tied his hand, and dragged him to the floor. I switched on the gas and put the iron tongs and made it hot.

‘I thought he was dead but he was still breathing, so with one hand I strangled him and also put the heated tong on his genitals.

‘He screamed so loudly so I put a part of the towel in his mouth to silence his noise.

‘I burnt his genitals a second time, his body twisted and I was so enraged that I did it a third time in succession. After some time he stopped breathing and collapsed on the ground.’

I mean, YEAH it’s bad to torture and murder somebody…but a rapist of a 14 year old girl, well I’m having a hard time feeling bad for the dude.

Also the Dad didn’t use a gun because India…and well torture.

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3 Responses to “Gun Death” Don’t Mess With a Man’s Daughter

  1. Lucusloc says:

    I am not sure I am comfortable with either one of those people being free in society. Yes, I can sympathies with the father, but there has to be something in the brain that keeps the dark fantasies in check. The father seems to lack that something, and that is a very dangerous thing to lack. One has to wonder if his violent tendencies would manifest for lesser slights.

    On the other hand, the problem half took care of itself. Too bad we will be stuck paying for the other half. . .

  2. Kermit says:

    It’s not that the father here necessarily lacks the block on darker impulses; but that his daughter was hurt. As a father of a daughter myself, I can see exactly why this fellow did what he did, and I imagine Weer’d can too.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Sure can…I would hope I could control the urge, as this man’s daughter is not going to be helped by the trial and incarceration of her father.

      But yeah, That’s absolutely what I’d WANT to do…

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