“Gun Death” Fire

Fire is much older than guns, and has probably killed a magnitude more.

The attorney for family members of the three men killed in last week’s deadly downtown Dallas fire is planning an independent investigation.

The fire was 35 feet underground at Thanksgiving Tower.

…They were trapped and died from smoke inhalation.

Both Dallas Fire-Rescue and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration continue to investigate and look for a cause of the fire.

Sad, tragic, possibly avoidable….and yet not a “Gun Death”.

H/T Bob

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  1. Bob S. says:

    And don’t forget all the workplace safety laws and regulations that are in place to keep people ‘safe’ either.

    There is also the matter of licensing here; both as elevator repair and construction/reconstruction licenses needed. Of course many cities require ‘hot work’ permits if welding or other type of activity is planned.

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