“Gun Death” Licensing and Registration

You hear this all the time by anti-gunners. We license drivers, and register cars! Why can’t we do it with guns. Yeah!

Authorities in northeast Ohio say at least a dozen people were injured when a stolen truck crashed into a bar while being pursued by police.

Police in Westlake say the stolen pickup was traveling about 75 mph in a 35 mph zone before it crashed into Dover Gardens Tavern just before 9 p.m. Thursday.

The truck ran over stop sticks that police placed in the road and then lost control. The truck went fully inside the tavern.

Police say at least 12 people sustained injuries, from bumps and bruises to broken bones.

The driver was arrested and taken to a hospital for his injuries. Authorities say he had a suspended license and active warrants from two police departments.

Thankfully nobody was killed, but given the story I’m amazed nobody was! Still we license drivers, and this one had his license pulled. He was also wanted for prior crimes, but the police didn’t catch him until AFTER he stole this truck! Hell the truck was registered! Awesome!

Oh and we also have laws about theft, speeding, and evading police….maybe we need one more law?

Won’t here this from the antis, because they like their cars and won’t want to be bothered!


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