“Gun Death” Mass Murder

I don’t do the “Gun Death” files like I used to, but this one needed to be reported!

A Chinese immigrant who butchered five relatives, including four small children, with a meat cleaver in a fit of jealousy pleaded guilty on Wednesday to murder and manslaughter charges and must serve at least 125 years in prison.

In these days with antis talking about such-and-such mass murder with this sort of body count, and demanding gun laws!

But yet this was done with a simple blade…and the motive?

When detectives questioned **REDACTED**, he told them he was jealous of the success of his fellow Chinese immigrants, police said. Relatives said he had been fired from different restaurant jobs.

But what set off **REDACTED** rampage remained a mystery to family members, prosecutors and the judge.

When you try to control the tools, while doing NOTHING about the violent people, you don’t really accomplish much.


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