“Gun Death” Power Ranger

Man, when I was a kid and the first iteration of this show came out, busy-body parent groups claimed that a martial arts show will make kids more violent. (They said it about any kids media that wasn’t Sesame Street, really)

They concentrated on the viewers…not the actors:

An actor who played a Power Ranger on several versions of the popular and violent kids show killed his roommate with a sword, police said.

Ricardo Medina Jr., who was once the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger on “Power Rangers Wild Force,” got into an argument with Joshua Sutter, 36, and the two started brawling in their Palmdale, Calif. home, TMZ reported.

Police said Medina withdrew to his bedroom with his girlfriend, but Sutter forced his way in, prompting the ex-Power Ranger to pull out a sword and use it to stab Sutter in the gut.

Not a “Gun Death”.


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5 Responses to “Gun Death” Power Ranger

  1. Jake says:

    Not just not a “gun death”. It sounds like valid self-defense, too.

  2. ZerCool says:

    Jake beat me to it. The deceased forced his way into a room and got stabbed for the effort … in Cali, where owning guns is a pain in the ass.

  3. Lucusloc says:

    Do we have any more details? The story says he was arrested for murder, but then again this is Cali, where you do not have the right to self defense in most situations. It does sound like the accused did try avoidance, so with just the facts given self defense sound justified. . .

  4. Dwight Brown says:

    According to the last story I saw on this, prosecutors have not filed charges yet, but are asking the sheriff’s department for additional investigation.

  5. Jack/OH says:

    ” . . . [M]artial arts shows will make kids more violent.” I recall that caterwauling. Watching stuff on TV and in the movies will induce whatever behavior is portrayed. Pavlovian stuff. That’s the so-called “liberal” arrogance and mind-set in action. The lesser people outside of NYC and D. C. policy elites just fall into stupidly imitative violent behavior whenever they watch bust-’em-up cartoons and Clint Eastwood movies. Yeah, okay.

    Back when I was a young grad student, I uneasily hung out with those “liberal” elites. Trust me—they’re not against violence. They’re not against firearms. What they want is CONTROL (capitalization deliberate). The Second Amendment is important because, I think, the monopoly of violence ultimately is supposed to devolve upon the people in the United States.

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