“Gun Death” Sarah Brady

So Sarah passed away while I was on vacation, and I thought of how to address it. Part of me was just thinking about saying nothing. Jim and Sarah Brady were just the namesake of the Brady Campaign, they didn’t do much lobbying, nor did they run any of the day-to-day of what was once Handgun Control Inc.

Miguel wrote a tasteful epitaph pointing out that we are better than the rabid animals in CSGV and other anti-gun people who like to gloat.

I’m not one to gloat, she wasn’t a major player in a group that itself is no longer a major player in depriving the rights of lawful citizens. Still the custom of not speaking ill of the dead upsets me. I refuse to speak differently of a person regardless of their orientation in relation to the sod. I say this not because I lack impulse control, or because I have a right to say what I want and don’t care about being polite. Nope, I speak my mind about all people because I don’t want somebody to blow smoke up my ass in person if they don’t like me just to be polite. Also I don’t want somebody giving me condolences when a loved one to me dies, or a loved one when I die, and not knowing if they’re just being polite.

So yeah, she was a bad person, her husband was wounded in an assassination attempt, and she made it her life’s mission to violate the US constitution, and disgustingly, EVERYTHING she supported would not have prevented the attack….nor did any of these laws save a single life, and likely they got good people killed. Also like Mark Kelly, there is some decent evidence that she was manipulating a mentally disabled person for political gain. I don’t know this for certain, but if it IS true, this is the very definition of evil.

Still all of the above prattling aside, I thought of this bullshit story! Since some politically grandstanding assholes decided to declare James Brady as a “gun homicide” even though he died as a senior citizen over 30 years old after he was shot.

So yeah, today’s “Gun Death”? File is Sarah Brady:

Sarah Brady, who with her husband, James Brady, pushed for stricter gun control laws, including the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, died Friday, her family said.

Brady, 73, died of pneumonia, the family said.

So she died at 73 (the same age as Jim when he passed), she was indeed NEVER shot, and pneumonia was the cause of death, which is a common killer of seniors. Still pneumonia is an infection of the lungs, and Sarah Brady was a heavy smoker in life. (and according to this story a heavy drinker too…she mentions drinking a pair of martinis directly after cancer surgery…I love martinis, but sorry, if I’m laid up in the hospital, that’s not the first thing on my mind)

So yeah, maybe she should have pushed anti-tobacco laws rather than anti-gun laws….oh yeah, SHE LIKED smoking! Only tread on the rights you don’t use!

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  1. Great Wall of Texas says:

    “Jim and Sarah Brady were just the namesake of the Brady Campaign, they didn’t do much lobbying”

    That’s not entirely true…

    They did occasionally roll out Jim on Capital Hill.

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