“Gun Death” Terrorists

Yep banning guns will work!

Police released disturbing video footage of the attack on Malkei Israel Street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Geula on Tuesday which killed one and wounded two others.

A Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into a group of several people waiting at a bus stop. He then exited his car with a meat cleaver and began attacking the wounded and others with the implement.

…Earlier Tuesday, two Jewish men were stabbed to death, and three others seriously wounded in gun and knife attack on an Egged bus in the capital’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood

The Palestinian terrorists have full military backing by the governments in the region, and even then they still can manage to kill what would be considered a “Mass Shooting” by our media standards with edged weapons and automobiles.

Banning tools does very little, we need to target the people BEHIND the tools, because even if one was truly eliminated from the equation (and we all know how well prohibitions work, just ask your local crack dealer!) they will find other means to do violence.

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