Gun Guy Radio with Guests Ian, and myself!

This was just cool, I’m a huge fan of Ian from Forgotten Weapons and Gun Nation Podcast, and finally I got to sit down with him on Gun Guy Radio when Ryan was hosting!

We talked about the cool guns of the James D. Julia Auction up in Maine.

Give it a listen!

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2 Responses to Gun Guy Radio with Guests Ian, and myself!

  1. Siddhartha says:

    So you’ve been on a show with Grant and Ian, so when are ya gonna be the 5th host on The Gun Nation??? Then you can tell is if Doc Wesson is a real person and not a computer program developed by Grant Cunningham…

  2. Jack/OH says:

    Get Ian and Hickok45 out on the lecture-and-demonstration circuit to revive good gun culture. It’s Americana, civic empowerment, lots of good stuff. Ian’s You Tube pieces are mini-tutorials on history, politics, mech engineering, tactics.

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